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WARNING: you will want to buy the following product! - it is THAT cool!

we've all seen the chalkboard paint and how many endless options you have - but listen up Butterflies i got a new paint in town and it's ALL the rage -- check it -- DRY ERASE WHITE BOARD PAINT! called IdeaPaint - yup it's exactly like the white boards you have in your conferences rooms or classrooms!

how great is this?! - instead of having a black chalkboard with messy chalk - you have the clean crispness of a white wall and you use the same markers you would on a dry board! - and it just wipes right off the same as well!

my mind is a BUZZ right now swirling with possibilities of this paint! - it's the new IT thing and i'm all about the new "IT" things! - somehow this paint is working its way into my home!

Here's the LINK to buy the products


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My Life Update:
so my Mom is REALLY sick now - they changed her chemo drug to a new one due to a reaction she had with the first one - bad news is - BAD side effects - she can't move AT ALL - all her bones, joints, and muscles are in excruciating pain - nothing helps and worst part, i can't even touch her to massage it away b/c it hurts that much more when she is touched - so all-in-all it's SCARY and how my Mom braves all of this, i do not know?!  -- i'm nervous about my test results, and scared (there i admit it) - ready for my normal life back! - but hey i got some new clothes at JCrew and scored some finds at HomeGoods this weekend and it's Girls Night tomorrow! - so there's a lot for me to smile about too!

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  1. Oh my awesomeness - a white board wall would be insane! Someday...

    Crossing my fingers for the test results dear!

  2. Oh now that is way too cool! Love it!

    And so sorry to hear how sick your Mom is, sweetie. I know how hard it is. I've been in your exact position...being the primary caretaker and all and it's excrutiating to watch too. I hope that she starts to feel better. And I'm sending you both a ton of strength xoxo

  3. what a cool idea!

    i'm sorry to hear about your mom. it does seem, sometimes, like things get worse before they get better... sending you positive thoughts! :)

  4. What about a fun spot in the kitchen to write down grocery lists or things to do? And, about your mother, my heart aches for you and her. Life can be so unfair.

  5. The paint sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    My heart hurts for your mother (and you). Will pray for some comfort for her, what a trial. wow.

  6. So sorry your mom is in so much pain. I can't imagine the heartache you must feel seeing it. Hope her days get better soon.

  7. That Idea Paint is really cool.

    Sorry to hear about your mom being in so much pain, I hope she gets some relief soon. I'm sure just having you there helps more than you know.


  8. ok you are right!! i TOTALLY want this!!!

  9. Such a cute blog, I love it!
    Great post!
    This paint looks so cool!

    I hope we can follow each other!


  10. that is the coolest product I have seen in awhile!

  11. That is the best paint find ever!! You are so right...I totes want to buy that now!

    Sending you good vibes and strength this are an amazing daughter! xo

  12. Oh my gosh your poor mom! I wish they could help her with the pain! poor woman. Many prayers to her.

  13. ha this stuff is so cool! we all have it in our office :)
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom.. I really hope things get better soon..

  14. What a cute idea!! I love it so much!

    I'm so sorry about your mom, by the way. :(

  15. Thinking of you and your mom!

  16. Aww, this is beautiful !!
    I love it !! ♥


    ...OH MY VOGUE !

  17. I have Idea paint in my home office. I didn't have space for a traditional white board or even the wall space to spare. So I put it on the closet doors. I am a writer so use for a story board.

  18. That is great idea especially when you have little ones running around.

  19. NO WAY! I'm about to put a chalkboard wall in my kitchen but now...I'm not so sure it would be better than this!

    Thinking of you and your mom and hoping it all gets better soon...

  20. i love fun walls like these... i wish i had one in my house!!!

  21. omg, you're right...i totally DO want this product! amazing find!

    so sorry to hear about your mom's turn for the worse...keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers!!


  22. I know! Right after I did the whole chalkboard paint thing in my kitchen, I did find out about this! The chalk is messy, so this would be amazing. The only reason I haven't changed it yet, is that the whole chalk thing goes well with kitchens/menus/etc. Dry erase would be cool in an office or kid space :) XO, kelly

  23. This is amazing, I would love to have this!! Perfect for a clothing designer like me with tons of ideas! :) I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like you are being so strong through this hard time! Sending you my prayers. ♥


  24. We've ordered it for our office! I can't wait to share photos of it as soon as we start doodling on the walls. It's going to be brilliant!


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