Nice Buns Hun

so for the past few months - i've been throwing my hair up - on the top of my head in a very messy bun style - the type that throughout the day it gets messy and messier and i just let it be - i haven't had much 'umph' to really care how my hair looks ..

but it seems as tho my 'just throwing it on top of my head and forgetting about it' hair style is popping up all over the place:

Whitney Port

a girl from Stockholm

off the 2011 S/S runway

photo shoots

off the streets - the messier the better i say!

even Lauren Conrad throws it up for mid-day outings

looks like Kim just throws it on top of her head and runs out the door!

there ya have it - perfect messy bun hair!

i have a feeling this style is going to be staying with me for awhile

PS - don't forget - getting close to the end of the

My Life:
GIRLS NIGHT tonight! - this time at my girl Krit's pad - it's gonna be GREEN GALORE! - she's the Irish girl in the pack, so she's throwing the Irish theme party - which btw did you know TODAY is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY?! -- CELEBRATE LADIES!!!! - time for the bubbly!

OH and remember i asked your advice on "Bag Decisions"? - well i was THIIIIS close on clicking 'confirm' on a large Chloe Paraty bag yesterday - but i somehow got myself to click the "X" on the top of the screen - WHY? - well with research i found the CC Skye Onie bag in the color taupe! - i'm thinking it will be PERFECT - it hasn't be 'released' yet, so i'm in contact with the buyer to get the 411's - and i think THAT will be my new bag! - and will save me a TON of $$$!!!

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  1. I do! I wear it right now and I love it so much. I think this is one of those styles that are fun and comfy in the same time. I love how Whitney Port looks, kisses

  2. I love that look! Effortlessly chic! Have fun tonight sweetie and Happy Women's Day! xoxo

  3. Love these messy buns!

    Makes me feel better about neglecting my hair ;)


  4. I remember these days well. I have crazy short hair now so I don't have to "deal" with my hair anymore, love it. My daughter has long hair and I believe the messy bun is her style of choice :)

  5. I am all about embracing the messy hair look!


  6. I <3 the messy bun look! I think Whitney Port pulls it off best. Entering the giveaway now!

  7. Love the loose messy bun- makes me want my long hair back!! Great news on the bag- can't wait to see it!

  8. I do the messy bun, usually when I'm at home tho.

  9. messy hair FTW! too bad i'm growing out an old dye job, so when i plop it all on top, the ends look i mean, it's kind of cool in a weird way. :P

    link to your (probably) new baggy bag?

  10. Love the messy hair! Should really work for my busy schedule! Hope you love the new bag...I am all for saving some mullah!

  11. Love it, great for on the go.


  12. I love the messy bun hair situation, I envy those who look fabulous with this hair style!
    I always manage to look good doing then when not trying, then why I do try it goes horribly wrong!

    Love the photographs darling

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  13. Adore this look, sometimes my conservative boss gives me the funny look though!

  14. Hey Erika, thanks so much for your post on my blog, I'm following you now!
    Loving your messy bun idea - I have naturally curly hair but have been obsessively straightening it for the past few months. However yesterday I wore it curly, threw it in a bun, and couldn't help thinking it looked great every time I looked in a mirror! haha, hopefully this will stick and it will save me time glued to my straightener :P
    Lovely blog!
    Claire xo

  15. LOVE these buns! Wish I could pull it off like Kim, making it look effortless!

    Mary xx
    Delightful Bitefuls

  16. I love messy buns. I think they are very cute.

  17. I love this style and think it looks cute on everyone! And so easy!

  18. Gotta grow out my hair again and it is a go! happy bunny Womens day!

  19. the messy bun look is so chic! I need to get on that asap. Enjoy your ladies night tonight girl!! xo

  20. I am wearing a messy bun right now, it's so easy and fun.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  21. I love messy hair! Some are a bit too messy for me while others are just so incredible chic.

  22. it is becoming pretty popular i think- i dont know if i could pull it off. i used to do the same thing to my hair when i was in ballet and it may have talked me into doing it again! can't wait to see your new bag! following you and thanks so much for stopping by, dear. <3

  23. I've been embracing the messy hair/bun look for awhile now too! It's perfect with my bangs, too. Gotta love it.

    I'm glad you're saving $ on the bag and getting the one you really wanted, even if it's a diff. color! Woot!

  24. i ALWAYS have a messy bun's something i have rocked since 7th grade haha. i'm glad it is finally getting some recognition!!

  25. I definitely do... probably more often than I should!

  26. Yup! It's my favourite work hair-do. In fact, even when my hair's out it's messy. I have so much of it it's too hard to tame hahaha!

    ~ Clare x

  27. Finally! I an en vogue!! :) I bet your messy hair is cute!! Mine is definitely channeling the messy part! XO, Kelly

  28. I love that look so much but unfortunately it takes me so much effort and I can never pull it and make it look that cool. I wish I looked like that in less than 5 minutes of prep time.

  29. yes! embrace messy hair!!!...for years I tried to tame my wavy messy hair spending hours with the flat iron...but now I just let it be!!! I love those messy buns....
    xoxo, monica.

  30. I adore the last image. So pretty with the flowers and the girl's back with messy hair. Gives the impression she has just woken up and about to make coffee;-)
    Messy hair is excellent for those busy days indeed;-)

  31. I love messy buns or a messy pony... it's just a really cute look! xo

  32. It is such a gorgeous look - when done right! But is it really that "effortless"? My guess is that those girls spent more time doing their hair than they'd like us to think..

  33. Under the age of 30 it looks cute, after that and you run the risk of looking like you've got "the mom bun". I guess if you're dressed cute it works.

  34. I do and love it but only when I am dressed right. If I am in my sweats I try to do a sleeker style so it looks like I just like my sweats rather than being a total slob. ha

  35. Love this post...I totally do the messy bun thing like everyday. I have ridiculously long (not naturally straight) hair so to have to straighten it everyday is a drag, so I just put it up in a messy bun. And actually, right now I have it in a messy braid. I love mess LOL. Great blog...thanks for visiting mine, come back again soon :-)

  36. Mine doesn't fall naturally the way these girls' do! It's curly for one thing so I have a hard time with the messy bun, but love seeing these chicks rock it!

    xx Cristina

  37. loving the messy buns, so effortless and sexy!
    handmade jewelry

  38. I love the messy bun, but I feel like I spend way too much time trying to un-perfect it. And, yes, I know how ridiculous that is. My bun seems to do this weird floppy thing, though.

  39. MESSY HAIR = LOVE ! ^^

    i could use this kind of bun all the time <3


    Indie by Heart

    I couldn't enter your giveaway, the link doesn't work ??

  40. I WISH I could do this. I always want to, but I have a really big forhead and I end up looking MEAN when I pull all of it back. It's always made me sads! Great inspirational clothes on this blog! Love it!

  41. Oh I so embrace messy hair!! I love to just throw my hair up into ponies or buns like these! I am so happy not that my hair is longer that I can do that with!:)

    Thank you for sweet comments on my blog and finding me, your blog is so wonderful and inspiring!!

  42. yup. i'm TOTALLY into the messy bun. mostly because i can wear it sick and fashionable. love. that.

  43. I have that small cardboard print! Love it

  44. My hair is almost long enough to start doing this again!!

    Love this post, every picture gives me a little more inspiration.



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