Elle your killing me!

when my new issue of Elle showed up in my mailbox - first thing i did was quickly unwrap it and flip through the pages real quick - and THERE it was

this model wearing leather bell bottom pants and an Indian headgear - *almost passed out* - i thought to myself how it oozed 'i'm cooler then cool, now what you gotta say to me?!' ... THEN

i saw this girl - on the beach, layered up, perfect straight hair - and i said to myself 'ok Erika we need to do something about this, i need to morph into these models' - ok not really the models, but their clothes, the idea of never eating and feeling like your going to pass out any moment, wasn't too appealing to me SO

i went to Theory on-line and took a look at prices and how i can get myself these clothes (all above) - most importantly those leather bell bottoms - ok i'm lying, it's really the feather head gear that has my feathers ruffled - i'm talking i seriously want a Native American head piece here - but then WHERE in the world would i wear something like that?! - problem solved, i'll use it as decor in my house!

ANYWAY there you have it - how I react to Elle showing up in my mailbox - now someone PLEASE buy me those leather bells, i will wear them EVERY single day of my life! *hear that Joe, take the hint* - or a Native American feather head piece - either or!

as u can tell - i'm alll about it

i'm hoping to head down the shore to start prepping for my tiki/luau BBQ i'm having in 2 weeks - big big big plans for this event - i'll way over do it like usual - but i have so much fun throwing parties, i don't mind it at all! - gotta stock the fridge with beers, drinks, ect. - start decorating in the house (outside decorations day of party, house is on the water so they'll just fly away or get soggy) - food shop for the items i can get early - oh and i can FINALLY get my crab cake sandwich (local place where locals go) i've been craving!!! - then maybe a trip down to Smithville to see if they have an Indian headgear for me and my turquoise encrusted steer head is still waiting for me to buy! - it's gonna be a VERY busy non-stop weekend! - but i'm up for it! - and DUH, a trip to HomeGoods/TJMaxx ;o)


Ends June 27th at midnight
she's a beauty isn't she!

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  1. I saw that Elle outfit by Joe Zee too and LOVED it!!! Not sure I'd wear this to the beach, but what the heck. She looks perfect and I am loving her hat so it works. :)

  2. Oh girl while Joe is getting you a pair can you tell him I want a pair too?!!! HOLY balls those are amazing...swooooon. Hope you have a fab weekend! xo

  3. Yes, they are killing me too. Lovely blog, defo following you. And maybe you'll follow me too.


  4. sounds like a lovely weekend! and YES how i need a new wardrobe and would love to fill it with boho chic hippie goodness! i'm all about flouncy flowie with a bit of native mixed in!

    i SOO want to come to your party!!!

  5. Love,love,love the 2nd choice!!!Thanks for sharing!

  6. Both of those editorials were amazing!! love them

  7. I'm not loving the bell bottoms now, but I did wear the heck of them in the 60's! My big butt wears capris or jeans, sometimes shorts so I am hopelessly out. of. fashion. Jealous of your beautiful Jersey shore, we love the beach but live on a lake in the midwest...


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