I got my eye on you!

once again i swore off buying ANY new clothes - ever since Lent has been over (i gave up shopping for it) i have been shopping like i have an unlimited amount of Benjamin's - which is THE farthest from the truth!

between buying big ticket items for my house - buying all the lil things u never even think about - saving money so i can reside my house and landscape (looks like it'll be 2012 for that) not to mention i still need a washer and dryer! - insane outlet mall shopping - buying designer handbags and shoes - artwork and sculptures for the house - ect. - the list can go ON for days - i just been spending and spending with no regards to anything!  (not a good idea, btw)

so i swore to myself (and Adri) that i'm going to wear ONLY what i have from here on out! - not buying anything else (clothing) this summer - i always say i'm going to 'do this' - but i have struggled for YEARS (since high school, yea a LONG time) - gotta keep trying till i get it right, right?!

anyway i might not be able to buy - but i can still look (and hint for presents)
here's what i'm eyeing:

this caftan/dress has been in my dreams for days - i can't stop thinking about it - this picture came in my Wink e-mail - but no luck on finding out WHO it's by -- ANY IDEAS?!?!

this tie-dye tribal dress by Calypso is already 50% off - i sooooo want it

this Pencey dress is screaming for me to own it - this is allllll me - i love the flow of this - screams comfort!

again how boho-comfy-cool are these wide leg flower pants by Free People - WANT!

i know i already bought 3 new bags (in like a month) - but i'm loven' this bag by Elliott Mann - it's only $275, not bad i say! -- i bought one like this from Zara years ago, i think it's time i look for it!

these Jarbro Pallazo pants have my heart! - i'm thinking with a simple white tank - PERFECTION for the summer! - LOVE LOVE LOVE!

loven' this simple classic staple maxi by Blue Life - they make the most comfy clothes!

i'm in dire need of these Joe's sandals - they are the perfect lil black flip flop - i MUST find a way to get these!  (i've had 3 dreams about these, for real!)

ladies if this isn't the perfect silk top to have in your wardrobe, then i don't know what is! - it's by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

i'm all over this trend this summer - 'the feathers in the hair' - i know on Etsy and some other spots they have them at reasonable prices - this one is by Lovedown - i bought 3 from Michelle Roy on Billion Dollar Babes

i have been in love with the Chanel 2 tone round sunglasses for years - but they are just too small for my face - these Karen Walker sunglasses have my attention - so do these Tom Fords!



ps - i did once last splurge at Willow St yesterday - i'm going to be spotlighting them soon - it's a great lil boutique in Summit NJ - more to come!!

sorry for delay - GIVEAWAY starts Tuesday!!!
(( had to go to Staten Island this am - Kayleigh is sick with a fever and hasn't been eating - so after work i'll be heading back to the island to see my babycakes ))

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  1. Beautiful boho clothes! Love the maxi dress!

  2. Gorgeous selections, darling!
    Loving all the dresses!


  3. I'm on a thrift store only shopping diet until the fall so I can save some cash!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. How do I stop shopping? Haha... I don't! Right now I am looking at all things flowing, just like what you have here.

  5. I've been thinking about curbing my spending on clothes too but haven't made a decision yet, it's so hard! Kudos to you for doing it! I love that grey maxi dress, it's gorgeous.

  6. I want that silk top! Wow...just beautiful.

  7. hi erika! you posted a comment on my blog a WHILE back and i'm so sorry i didn't get back to you sooner!

    anyway, i love your blog! now following you :) please stop by mine anytime you get the chance!

  8. These are all great finds! Shopping is like junk food for me. If I don't walk into the store I won't buy anything. lol

  9. by the way, i find it way too difficult to control my shopping so i know exactly how you feel! haha!

  10. I just got home from a shopping bender. I do not know how to control myself. Seriously. Such a problem!

  11. those long dresses are pretty- I need to start buying more of them for this summer :)

  12. holy shizz do you think I have a problem if I want one of everything you picked?! There has got to be a training program to learn how to practice self control...I neeeeed it bad!!!! xox

  13. Wow - that's a toughie - when things are so cute, it's really really hard to curb the shopping! Good luck with that :)

  14. Haaa I've been eyeing that Calypso dress too!!! Sorry, I'm the wrong one to ask for support to restrain yourself. I'm a pusher! :)

    No worries about yesterday. Was sad that you couldn't make it but we will do it again. I'm here whenever things let up for you, sweetie.

    Oh and I hope Kayleigh gets well soon! xoxo

  15. i absolutely adore what the things that you're looking at! I'd want to buy it all-lol! Also, thanks for the heads up about the commenting problem and the possible fix. I will give it a try! XX

  16. That woven bag is so beautiful! I "swore off" shopping, too, but dropping hints for presents doesn't count, right?! ;)

    sorelle in style

  17. Adore all your picks! Yes the flowy white dress would be absolutely gorgeous too bad your wallet is tied up at the moment.

  18. At least your are thinking about curbing your retail habits! That is one step ahead of me :) But then again, by your picks I can tell you are fashion forward and light years ahead of me anyway!! You = young and hip. I = 30 something mom of 2 kids and many sweats! XO, Kelly

  19. The blur life maxi has really caught my eye, and here I was trying not to spend any money either!

  20. Hope Kayleigh is feeling better soon. Love the silk blouse... so pretty! xo

  21. Love the Jarbro Pallazo pants...I agree perfection! And the Blue Life maxi dress and Joe's sandals...I want them all!! Great post, thank you.
    Just found your blog and love it...I'm a new follower!

  22. Loving your style! I was just thinking I need more maxis -- love the gray one!


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