Vermont - WARNING: Pic Overload!

so i FINALLY got to downloading my pics from Vermont (it's a miracle i did it so fast) - here's what i got for ya ..
off we go
after the hail storm - i saw this lil island calling me to visit!

we arrived! - here's our castle

our lil private garden/sitting area

obsessing over the door and slate exterior

knock knock - anyone home?!

car port

figured i'd try all the doors out!

here's the Aveda spa where we enjoyed our massages!

pool - which we never got to - closed at 8pm - wth right?!
i was all about climbing the fence - Joe chickened out!

hot tub and where the yoga classes were

Pot Belly's - yes were pretty pooped here - Joe's hat is crooked, u know he's pooped

this is as much yoga i got in *boo*

doing' the Egyption *had to*

waterfall right at the Vermont outlets

at the outlets in Vermont - this was the "hiking" i got in - i tried!

i called to see if "yoga and hiking clothes" were ok - they said "sure just no mud (as a joke)" - ummm everyone was dressed up but us - oh well - our money was the same color :o)

their fountain and outdoor dining - but like i said - it was COLD!

Joe caught me off gaurd - it was a VERY serious conversation going on!

3 martini's later - u KNOW i had too!

i told Joe to 'give it to him' - so he did
and btw - THAT'S what Joe packed for 'hiking' clothes - can u believe it?!

YES in deed i jumped out of the car - made traffic stop - so the porcipine could cross the road!

finally made it to the diner Joe saw
it was 45 mins away - not in town like he thought
(notice i've only been in North Face gear)

where i got my Niece's presents from the trip

Vermont was exactly like Joe's lake house in upstate New York - lots of trees, trails, mountains, lakes, streams, farms, and small towns

do you see the wood piece with the "hole" - i begged the guy to sell it to me - he made it for a designer in NYC - i begged and pleaded - no luck - but down the road - i hit GOLD! *pics to come of purchases*

on our way home

and that's just a taste - i didn't even show you inside the castle - and all the things i bought - *ekk*


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  1. LOVE all the pictures! This looks like it would be a great place in August maybe? Would it be warm then?
    Bummer about the hiking and yoga. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!
    BTW - you look GREAT!

  2. Erika, It looks as if you had an amazing trip!!Vermont is such a beautiful state. I have the answer to your question you posted on my blog about entries. Go and take a peek!! Kathysue

  3. aaah i love vermont! looks like an amazing trip. so happy for you! :)

  4. SO COOL!!! I'm so glad you had a chance to get away...your Egyptian pose is EPIC!


  5. An Aveda spa and a castle? You are such the princess (and I'm jealous!)

  6. mmmm what a fun trip. i haven't left a comment in sooo long, i am still here though! loving every minute of it!

  7. how cool!!!! i need a getaway like that :) you shoulda jumped over that fence though! LOLs ;)

  8. Great photos! Looks like you had a funnnnnn time! I would have loved to visit the Aveda salon ; )

  9. those pics are absolutely gorgeous! The last one is so serene and breathtaking! Looks like you guys had an absolute blast...xo

  10. AH I just LOVE all of these pix, sweetie! Not an overload at all! Glad you had such a great time :) xoxo

  11. I LOVE all these pictures, that castle looks amazing! SO fun!

  12. Loved taking the quick detour with you! XO, Kelly

  13. awww so glad you posted these!! looks like a perfect trip :)


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