in life we all need people around us to 'anchor' ourselves - otherwise we can drift away without realizing - here's some cute 'anchors' that have me settled tightly!


personalized beer - how cute!

YES - how fabulous to walk on cobblestones with this? - can you imagine if you have a house at the shore with this anchor in your driveway - too cute!


how cute for a shore BBQ - HAD to slip this in

'sink or swim together' ~ love this idea!
lets vote Butterflies 4ct ring for me or these tatts?!?!


Fun Fact: i've always had a love affair with an "anchor" - i've wanted a tattoo of one and seem to always drift to jewelry and other things that have anchors - partly i think b/c i grew up on a boat - before the "shore house" we use to sleep on our boat every weekend ever since i was born - so the whole 'nautical' life runs through my veins ..

above is a tat i got drawn up - it's an anchor with Buddha meditating on a lotus flower with the Om sign in the middle of Buddha's belly - i want to have a few other artists draw it up so it's PERFECT - something to remind me to be grounded, at peace, and live in the light .. -- i REALLY want it on the back of my heel bone, but i was advised since that's where your foot creases when you walk, all the lines would end up blowing out - so next best spot inside of my right ankle ..

Weekend Update:  umm FUN - Joe and I tried out EVERY single new bar in my area - the best tho was Longshots for 1 reason: our mixologist Kim, um love her! - i would just tell her i want a "fun martini" and off she'd do her magic! - so much fun - and she didn't even give me the 'stragnge look' when i order celery when i'm drinking - BONUS - (what's so odd about eatting celery while drinking, i figure it'll off set some calories and well i love celery in the summer!) - We also went out on my neighbors boat fishing, and OMG i'm so sorry i didn't put in our boat, i miss it so, but all my neighbors have open invitations for us, so it works !!

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  1. Love the anchor theme you are working here! The driveway anchor would be beyond fabulous in a driveway at a beach house. I love anything beach makes my heart tick!

  2. I don't know what it is about anchors, but I love them too!
    I would love an anchor tattoo, but I'm too much of a wuss for that ; )

  3. So happy you had a fun weekend! Not feeling anchored at this point but I'm working on it!! Are you still have a tough time commenting over at my place? You are the only one who seems to have difficulty. Weird. xo

  4. Very cool theme for a post!
    Being anchored is so important!


  5. One of my fav bands is from NJ, like yourself, and one of their symbols is an anchor - I love it!

  6. I vote yes on the Buddha with the anchor! Would be so perfect and have such great it! xo

  7. That tattoo would be very cool on you! Are you going to get it done soon?

  8. So true about anchors. I love that you so creatively put this post together. So fun and insightful.

  9. I love anchors too! I really want an anchor necklace!

  10. I'm rocked an anchor charm Alex and Ani bangle in my outfit post today!

  11. Love this whole anchor thing Erica--it IS so important to be anchored in your life. To the big things AND the small things, like celery for instance. hehe


  12. Wonderful post! My anchor is definitely my mother! :)


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