OK so i FINALLY put some pics on-line here - they are ALL downloaded on my computer - just a matter of getting them on blogger - i just randomly picked pictures to catch you Butterflies up on ME in photo's ..

Joe and I ..

Forth of July BBQ at my Mom's beach club - YUM!

getting ready for a bar crawl (that's my Mommy)

Caffrey's Happy Hour - gotta love it

yup i'm back to bikini's - i knew i couldn't do the 1 piece thing
this is me at my pool that overhangs the bay with me "juice"
(ps my new fave bikini by Undrest)

first time fishing this season - my Neighbor took Joe and I out - caught 2 keepers, lots of throwbacks tho
(u will notice that bikini top a lot on me, it's itty bitty so i can very lil tan lines, i change the bottoms all the time to mix it up)

YUP - i know how to flay a fish too - as u can see i'm giving Joe the "WHAT, don't you see i'm busy here"
Off to garvy boat races then to Doyle's Pour House for some "refreshments"

off to Longshots for THE best mixologist Kim - this was her Mango Martini

way back from seeing Lucy the Elephant - i'm starting to SAVE as we speak!
town of Margate

Brunch at Pappardella's

Drinks at The BoatHouse

oh YES we did - Adri and I got in the middle of the Central Park roller skaters and started busting out moves - haha

my lovah's at the end of my dock

don't u just love action shots?!

THE girls

i had a love affair going on with my Tiki man!

oh yes - the fuzzy lamp got busted out

Staten Islands "back to the beach"
(the boardwalk gets filled with vendors and the field gets all those jumpy things for kids)

myself and Amanda - Joe's Niece (DYK: she was a Ralph Lauren model)
we were at Joe's cousins co-ed softball game

me Sunday - looking at the mess i created in my room - now to pack it all back up to go back up north ..

i KNOW - i still have a zillion and 1 photos to fill you all in on - but THIS is a start - a good start i think - at least they weren't still on my camera on Christmas (it's been done before) .. i'm such a procastinator downloading pictures from my camera - OYE!

i know i'm sick of looking at myself - next up DECOR and FASHION - enough "Erika" pictures for a bit ..


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  1. Looks like an amazing summer so far!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  2. Great photos Erica, I love your beachy look :)

  3. awww so cute :) love the one of you and your mum :)

  4. Looks like you're such a busy bee, what a fun life you've got going on!!

  5. Great photos. I love all of the different expressions. I think you really show your personality in these pics.

  6. you come off like a super fun person to be with, great smile!

  7. I love this post! Thanks for sharing this par to of your life with us. You mother looks fantastic!

  8. Jealous of you and your cute bikinis! I'm stuck in one pieces. : )

  9. Wow that's a lot of pics Erika! Looks like a fun summer. So glad you found my blog again :)

  10. my favourite one is where you are eating a panino!
    it's show the funny, light-heart (can I say that?), amusing, happy, positive, cheerful and super cute woman you are!!!!!!

    xxx Ylenia | Longuette
    check on my vintage giveaway!

  11. Love these... I have a huge smile on your face! Glad you are having so much fun this summer. xo

  12. love these photos E! And the action shots on the dock are it! xo

  13. Cute photos! It's so nice to see pictures of YOU! ; )

  14. Such cute pictures. You look just like you, sweet, and full of personality.


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