Over already?!

i know, i know - somehow within the last month this turned into a blog about my life instead of tid bit's of it -- anyway i WILL be going back to fashion, home decor, design, finds i love, artwork, ect SOON..

so from my last post - i had a busy weekend - and YES battle wounds AGAIN! - i'm totally going with 'this means serious fun' - i mean why look on the down side of things? Waste of time and energy, no?!

Friday night ended with an unexpected carnival at St. Mary's Church in Mannahawkin, NJ  (it's my church i go to down the shore) - my Niece Caitlyn had a ton of fun and was up till 11pm - first time ever - she's a 7:30-8pm LATEST for bedtime!

ANYWAY going to see Lucy the Elephant (which on Saturday was her 130th birthday) brought me to the town Margate, NJ! - i WANT a beach house there - it reminds me of Long Island, NY - with the perfect groomed lawns, old HUGE colonial houses, the columns on the house, the perfectly planted flowers in bloom, water fountains lined each block down the main street, everyone riding bikes - just totally an established town with charm - more like 'old money' if you know what i mean?

OK and YES of course all my pictures are still on my camera and i have zip to show u of me - but tomorrow i'm getting the FINAL inspections on my house (i know i totally procrastinate on some things - i've been living there with no CO (i know i'll fail electrical b/c i put speaker wires in my living room ceiling and i never bought speakers yet, so i have 2 wires dangling from the ceiling - so i should have PLENTY of time waiting for the inspectors, unless i'm 1st to go to ...

ANYWAY my outfit from Sunday Brunch at Pappardella's and then drinks at The Boathouse was completely inspired by Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black *love her*

Soft Joie Diedra Wide Deck Stripe Racerback Maxi
(i showed u this pics of it, b/c i got an XS and it looks like that on me, the dress is made HUGE)
i bought mine on-line through Bloomingdales and I got it on-sale! BONUS!

i paired the dress with these Diane Von Furstenberg Lanai Flip-Flops
 i got these on Gilt Groupe for .. wait for it ... $30!!!!!

for a lil eye protection i wore my Tom Ford Simone sunglasses
again bought on-sale from Rue La La

i also wore this belt at Target from the Calypso line

Ok so got a lil fashion in here for you Butterflies - a little catch up on the weekend - hopefully i'll get to downloading a zillion pictures tomorrow ..


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  1. So happy you love the Joie dress! :) Yes, I hemmed mine and tied it in the back. I like to wear it belted also!

  2. that's a beautiful dress! i'm off to check it out at bloomingdales:-)

  3. I am IN LOVE with that dress!!!

  4. Why is everyone seeming to have bad luck lately? WE thought we were FINALLY moving into our house on Friday but no, the loan had yet another issue that was the banks fault so here we are, still at the in-laws, anxiously awaiting any news. I am gonna go insane!

  5. That dress looks amazing and you know how much I adore stripes! Hugs and kisses, darling

  6. Love the weekend outfit. Love your fashion and tidbits post but also love catching up with your life and checking in on your progress.

    Hope you have a fabulous week.

  7. I love hearing about your life !

  8. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love that maxi dress!


  9. New pair of boots, nail polish, scarf, and a phone card. Not too shabby for London. My friends who went shopping with me? One girl bought 6 pairs of shoes and twenty items of clothing. Ouch!

  10. LOVE that Joie dress! It's perfect for summer.

  11. Love the look! The belt is fabulous! Recently found your blog and I love! A new follower!

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  12. I love the dress, Erika. And I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend after all the crap you've been dealing with. You deserve it!

  13. Weird - we have an elephant at our local zoo named Lucy. She's really old. Bob Barker from The Price is Right is actually trying to transfer her to the states because he thinks it's too cold for her in Canada. There's more to the story than that but she is staying put for now.

  14. SUper cute outfit! And sounds like a great time - an elephant and niece? Perfect!

  15. love that dress...and you seriously got those sandals for $30? SCORE!! xo


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