Scenes from this past weekend

i am such a sun goddess (don't look like one but worship the sun, just wanted to straighten that out) - anyway below are from this past weekend in Staten Island (where Joe lives - 2 blocks from the beach which HBO just bought to film Boardwalk Empire) - and YES i am actually showing myself in a bikini (i apologize ahead of time) - but through my journey recently i've gave up on keeping this 'perfection' i try to achieve - i rather enjoy life in the skin i am in then stay at home b/c i don'/t feel 'skinny' enough - but really girls, WHO ever feels skinny enough

i must say tho - the confidence i achieved through everything that has been going around me/to me, is beyond words - there's never negative, just positive and it's within yourself that you gotta find where the positive is in 'all of this' ..

checking out for the perfect spot

good spot - me and my book and ummm 'juice'

my approach to a cannonball

here i go . . .

i got AIR

life is good

lil shut eye before the BBQ that night

what i wore to the BBQ
(really just trying to show off my new ear cuff by Michelle Roy)

heading out Sunday for sushi at Fushimi

me happy!

finishing up Sunday night with dinner at La Strada

yesterday after all my Mom's appts and my own (i'm going for like a ZILLION different opinions, looking into fertility options, ect) - i treated myself to lunch (solo - just me and a book - felt so empowered) and had 2 mango martini's at Winberie's.  Afterwards went to Willow St. where i scored THE perfect dress for an upcoming wedding i'm going too plus some sale stuff (the girls who work there are fabulous, and they have a store on-line!!!) The day isn't even half over, so what do i do, HOMEGOODS! - and i SCORED big time, if i had an SUV or a sedan things could of been a lot worse ($$ wise) - and well the rest of the day i dedicated to myself and my comfy sectional and TV    :o)  


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  1. You look beautiful, Erika, and you where that bikini so well. I love your attitude in the middle of all this turmoil. You continue to be an inspiration to me every day. xoxo

  2. I love going to Staten Island when I visit New York - you look lovely, hope you had a wondeful time.
    I'm currently off work with summer flu....eeeurgh :(

    *following your blog - would love for you to follow mine*

    Eda ♥

  3. I am loving the dress you wore to the beach! And good for you, confidence is key! ; )

  4. I adore that Sepia photo of you!

    This is such an empowering post: from overcoming body issues to overcoming health scares and trials to being content with being alone. Wonderful!

  5. You look gorgeous, darling!!! No need to apologize one little bit. I'm all about being comfy in my own skin. And being in a bikini on the beach every weekend kind of makes that a necessity :)

    Glad you treated yourself yesterday. You so deserve it! xoxo

  6. Beautiful photos hun. You looks stunning. (so not fair as I always look like a sweaty mess in the heat!)

    X x

  7. You are such a beautiful woman, Erika! Looks like tons of fun was had - hooray!

  8. Oh please, you are perfect just the way you look :) So wait, HBO bought HIS place for Boardwalk Empire?!

  9. that looks like a fun weekend! :)

    my day yesterday was pretty much blah. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  10. I'm so glad to see you living--these pics made me smile BIG.


  11. Like Carrie, these pics made me smile : ) And you look fantastic in a bikini by the way!

  12. you're so RADIANT in your pics amidst everything! Love each of the looks you featured and what a beautiful smile you have!:-) xx

  13. Looks like so much fun :) I love your bikini xo

  14. You look gorgeous! I'm with you on the fertility stuff. We just started.
    I don't ever talk about it on the blog though because we haven't shared our struggles with our parents. Good luck to you!

  15. look just like a goddess in that white dress. STUNNING!! xo

  16. I am in love with your maxi dresses = adorable


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