The one and only

To: Cara

love you forever - Happy Birthday my lovey!
Enjoy Florida and the rest of your travels!!!!

Ps - Cara and I go WAY back to college years in Florida - she's my girl! - no matter how much distance or time goes between us - we're the type of girls that just pick up right where we left off - LOVE that about us! - she lives in NYC now-a-days ..

*insert Happy Birthday song*

and Butterflies - happy birthdays' to you too - WHY not start everyday like it's your birthday?! - sounds like a good time to me! - party for everyone tonight - YIPPIE!

now *boo* Dr's appts all day *blah blah blah*

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  1. Happy Birthday to your awesome friend. What a great tribute.
    Sorry you'll be visiting the dr.'s all day. Lame cakes! Bring a book- or ten.

  2. This is so sweet! You must be great friends. Happy Birthday to her.

  3. Bless Happy Birthday to you friend.

    X x

  4. Happy birthday to your friend. We've just days apart, so I already like her ;)


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