seriously yesterday was a punch in the gut that i'm still recovering from! - as i mentioned yesterday i had a new oncologist i was going to meet with - i've been having ALL kinds of anxiety over this (sharing my story, having her check me, finding this new hospital, what she'll be like, what will she tell me, ect) - and let me remind you it took me over 1.5 months to get this appointment - i had to send them ALLLLL my test results and films and cd's, yadda yadda - THEN yesterday *PUNCH* - her assistance calls me back and tell me "oh you don't have cancer now, so she won't see you, but i'll have a counselor call you" = UM WHATTTTTT -- of course sitting at work at my desk when i got the call and YUP the tears started to come!

how dare they put me through for 1.5 months of anxiety - how dare they call me hours before my appointments and tell me the news - how dare they think this is somehow OK - b/c it's NOT ok - i am ANGRY and i am never angry - just goes to show you, people have no courtesy sometimes - just like when i was at my GYN last week and 2 women knew each other, but insisted on being at opposite sides of the room - so what do they do? - SCREAM back and forth - and their conversation was VERY upsetting to me - i thought to myself "do you guys have any clue at all" - there's a time and place for everything - and even tho the conversation doesn't upset you, doesn't mean a room filled with people will feel the same as you - talk about selfish!

SO NOW - i'm in the mood for a lil laugh - hope these will make you smile!

hope 1 of these got a SMILE on your face!!!!!


i got a million and 1 things to do today in work before i have, yes, doctors - then meeting up with one of my lovah's for lunch at Chipolte (i'm obsessed, do you know it's ALL organic, i KNOW, i don't understrand why they don't promote that!) - then i'm gonna try and take the rest of the day for Erika Time, this all depending on what i get done at the office now .. off to business i go!

PS - stop by my other blog - Tiptoe with Curiosity - a friend sent me what you will find on their - let's just say motivation!

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  1. These are supper funny... especially the pint glass!

    Hang in there. People sometimes befuddle me with their "social graces" or lack there of. I just try and focus on the fact that I don't treat people that way... and that makes me pretty damn happy. Then I play a good song loud and sing. Works for me most times!


  2. OMG! I have to go search for that pint glass! What a GREAT gift!!! LOL!!
    So sorry about the doctor. It doesn't surprise me. Especially about the women in the gyno's office. RUDE..RUDE..RUDE!

  3. What?! They didn't see you? and they just blew you off? I would report them asap to the board. That is ridiculous. Sorry that happened to you. Our American medical system is messed up.

  4. Those definitely made me laugh! A lot! Sorry to hear about the doctor's situation - so frustrating, I know. Hang in there!

  5. Very sorry about how your situation was handled. Must say these posters cracked. me. up. I'm about to forward to my daughter to brighten her day as well - super funny. Thanks.

  6. Well that's not very nice, is it? I would complain!

  7. Are you serious? What horrible work ethic they have! But the news they delivered was great right?!

    Doctors and their staff can be so rude and ridiculous that it's sickening.


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