how was all my Butterflies weekend???

Thursday i came home to my Dad cleaning out my bird cage, by doing so 1 of my birds got loose outside - i of course think all my animals are my babies, so i turned into hysterics - so who do i call, JOE! - and sure enough, tears rolling down my face and i'm thinking how it's not gonna 'make it' in the wild, JOE finds P.D.!!! - you have no idea - my family was ecstatic! - i swear thank the lord for my Joe!

Friday i took off work and headed down the shore with my whole family (minus my Dad) - which i then took 1 for the team and went into the pool with my Niece (it was COLD from all the rain) - Saturday was filled with a trip to the Popcorn Zoo (i could be there for HOURS, i'm obsessed with the place, it's all hurt/rescued animals, it's more of a rehabilitation center instead of a zoo, i loathe 'real' zoo's) - then lots of swimming with my Niece Cait (she totally turned into a water bug, such an awesome swimmer at 5 yrs old) - later that night was Tiki time (ohhhh the stories i can tell) ...

*@ tiki yes i always make myself at home*
*yup my celery again, i so don't think it's strange, vodka and tonic in 1 hand, celery in the other - it's called off-setting calories*

then Sunday Joe and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary (holy crap, i know, i couldn't believe it was 7 years, i did the calculations over like a 100 times - but yup sure enough 7 years)

today is a BIG day for myself - i am meeting up with a new oncologist - i'm of course sh*t scared - but i am refusing to stop seeing every doctor i can see - i want EVERY opinion out there, i want all the facts, and well i need to find THE doctor i want to be with for the rest of my life - only good thing about all of this, is that i totally changed the way i lived life - i now truly LIVE for just each moment i have and i don't look too far ahead, i literally cherish seconds instead of days - b/c i know 1 day i'm going to get the worst news ever - but i am refusing to let this consume me, but it's been challenging, if i can be perfectly honest, and i haven't mastered it yet ...

HAVE a great Monday Butterflies!

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  1. Your Joe is great. He came to the rescue! Love the perfect guy "Marley" quote.

  2. Good for you on living each day as if it's your last! I need to think about that more!
    Celery and vodka tonic.. NICE!!

  3. All my love to you! I can't imagine how you're feeling on a day like this. Hope it all goes well. Be brave- just like you always are!

  4. I think taking advantage of every day is a good policy for everyone, regardless of health status. :) I've been thinking about that a lot this summer, and I've really been enjoying myself... it's amazing the things we discover and do if we stop making excuses! Hope you find a doctor you love, and happy anniversary! :D

  5. Congrats on 7 years with a wonderful man! And good for you for living life the way you do.

  6. Sounds like such a busy and fun weekend! Happy 7 years to you and Joe!

    Thinking of you today...and as always admiring you for your courage and strength. xoxo

  7. Happy Anniversary, darling!
    Love the quotes!


  8. I'm so glad Joe found your bird!!! That's amazing. I bet everyone was so relieved. Let me know if you decide to come in on Thurs, sweets! :) xoxo

  9. Oh, love the photos! Happy Anniversary to you and Joe. That Bob Marley quote is really something. I have to go read it again! xo

  10. Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad Joe found your bird!

  11. Wow - glad you didn't lose your bird!! Joe was quite the lifesaver!


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