Scenes from yesterday and Bloopers

what a R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G day i had yesterday! - rolled out of bed around 9 - was at the beach by 10:30 - tanned till 3 - after the beach i went poolside and read my book Start Where You Are (i LOVE Pema Chodron) - Joe had the fridge stocked with Bubbly, Blueberry/Pomo juice, and Pellegrino sparkaling water for me - then Joe came home we had a cocktail outside - then we went to dinner at LaBella's - afterwards we took a walk around in Great Kills Park - last stop of the night, TJMaxx (what's a fab day without a lil bargin shopping) ..

Here are some scenes and bloopers (remind you, all taken with my iPhone, so quality isn't so great)

here is the beach HBO bought for filming Boardwalk Empire - i have surrounding views on my 'real' camera - which i will share once they are downloaded

sunset at Great Kills Marina

*Micheal Stars dress; Elizabeth and James leopard loafers; Micheal Kors leopard belt*

boys will be boys

ducks enjoying their new 'swimming grounds' from Irene


i must say taking "outfit" post pictures can be quite the fun thing to do - i always end up hysterical b/c no one has a clue what we are doing - but Joe's good - i just say "outfit post time" and he's ON it - he's getting better with his photography skills, definitely needs a lil more practice tho!

What is the first thing that comes to mind? - me, of course, is BEACH!

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  1. lovve the bloopers and your dress with those shoes (:
    so cute!

    i've got a file that is titled "funny cuts" from pictures where i am making a weird face, etc. can't wait to post it when I get a lot of good errr bad ones (:

  2. haha bloopers.!

    what an adorable idea. Lord knows i have many of those :)

  3. Fun! This sounds like a perfect way to spend a day for yourself. It's so funny how men react to our photo taking needs. They are so sweet, aren't they?

  4. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Now if only we had a beach nearby... ; )

  5. this sounds like THEE perfect day!! SO glad you had a relaxing day...xo

  6. Definitely the beach for me too. I love the bloopers; yes outfit post are Awkward so it is great you have a "in the know" partner that can snap a few quickly. I love having little words or signs that tell your partner what is needed. My favorite......I wiggle my nose and he looks to see if I have a boogey-hahahaha

  7. Sounds like the perfect day! Hoping to get to the beach tomorrow :)

  8. I agree - beach or lake, some kind of water!

    love the bloopers!!

  9. Talk about the perfect day, Erika! Love your big smile! I just know you would be fun to hang out with! xo


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