Bye-Bye Summer

Sept. 2nd ALREADY?! - too fast, just too fast! - i def need to get my summer a little bit longer, not ready for being cold just yet! -- my legs still wanna feel the air - my arms like being out and about - my poor feet are gonna miss walking in the blades of grass - and my skin will be craving to lay out on the beach all winter now -- but soon enough vacations in the Caribbean will be near - but until then i'll be sad that summer is leaving me! *lil tear fell*

Today is THE day in celebrating the lives, memories, and hope of Ovarian Cancer by wearing the color teal! - September has been chosen to be the month of Ovarian Cancer Awareness - aka the silent killer - as many of you know i'm at a very high risk for getting ovarian cancer being BRCA positive - most of the time ovarian cancer is caught too late and the survival rate when caught isn't pleasant, to say the least.

As President Obama declared yesterday: "Ovarian cancer continues to have one of the highest mortality rates of any cancer, and it is a leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States. This month, we remember the mothers, sisters, and daughters we have lost to ovarian cancer, and we extend our support to those living with this disease. We also reaffirm our commitment to raising awareness about ovarian cancer, and to advancing our screening and treatment capabilities for the thousands of American women who will be diagnosed this year."

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the marriage of our dear friends Rich and Melissa - they are having the wedding at a Vineyard here in Jersey - so Mother Nature 'keep your cool and just relax with the storm business, we need a beautiful night Saturday for all their outdoor extravaganza!' .. ur dear friend Erika!

here in the States it's Labor Day Weekend - meaning 3 day weekend - BUT since hurricane Irene went through last week, pretty much everyone i know has already de-summer-ized their homes - backyards are all winter ready, chairs are put away, lil decor wrapped and awaiting to appear next year -- Joe and I will hit up the shore since the wedding is closer from there - i'd LOVE to get back home and do some fall cleaning BUT then again it's the last weekend of the summer, so i gotta go out with a BANG!

stay safe everyone!

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  1. have a great weekend- so nice to read the words of our president- glad you posted them here-

  2. I know - where did this Summer go??
    Wishing you a lovely long holiday weekend!

  3. This is what I love about you: you have your priorities and a loving heart but you still know how to celebrate life and party hard. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Have an amazing weekend, darling!
    Vineyard wedding sounds so fab!


  5. I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, too! (D.'s sister is tying the knot.) Hope the weather holds out, it's an outside one. Have a great weekend!

  6. I had no idea September is Ovarian Cancer awareness month but glad to know. You're is a silent killer and it is so important to diagnose early! Have fun at the wedding and enjoy the long weekend! I also cannot believe September is here as well.

  7. yes I agree with your photos- we should take the day off :)
    lovely grapes!
    COme follow my blog sweetie ;)


  8. Hope you're having a fabulous Labor Day, sweets! I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet :)


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