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whahhhhh - summer is over - it's gonna be raining here in Jersey all week - no more bright blue sky's and sand between my toes - but on the bright side NO MORE packing for the weekend! - cleanse number 2 is coming up - lots of fall cleaning and still some de-summer-izing in my backyard needs to take place - my throw rugs need to be placed in their proper positions again - bikini's and summer close need to get put back in storage - i'm already feeling a lil fall cold coming on (runny nose, sore throat) - back to focusing on my house and decor

Mother Nature is you can make this fall/winter business run though quick, that would be very much appreciated - THANK YOU!


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  1. Being sick just is lame. Sorry. And I'm going to be missing summer also. It was a good one. Thanks for bringing us with your awesome summer adventures.

  2. I am ready for fall but not for winter. No thank you.

    I have a lot to learn about maintaining a home through the seasons. I'm not sure what to do to de-summer-ize our backyard! SO MANY THINGS TO LEARN!!

    At least it's fun to learn them :)

  3. hilarious letter :)

    I'm SO not ready for fall. Although I love it, we just started our summer. But they're already predicting only one week left of sunshine

    boo hiss!

  4. I know, sniff, de-summer-izing is brutal. Just went through all my warmer clothes, and I needed them today...ick.

  5. I'm sad summer is over too however we've been having AMAZING, hot weather that we didn't have the last four months so I'm not complaining!

  6. It;s amazing how fast summer went...feel like I blinked and it was over! Hope you feel better love...xo

  7. I'm not quite ready but I don't know if I have a choice now do I??? Look at this weather! Luckily we do have the beach house through the end of Sept and this weekends looking like it might be nice. But I'll tell you a secret...I'm kinda getting over all the packing and schlepping back and forth :) xoxo

  8. Summer finally reached us here in Seattle. All summer long we had drizzle and, if lucky, 70 degree weather and now this week it will be high 80's. WTF

  9. Boo I'm sick too! Hope you have a good week despite the rain!

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