Wrath of Irene

as many of you know i'm a Jersey girl - last week hurricane Irene stopped by for a visit - here are some pictures i took yesterday as i was driving through the town next to mine, Cranford - remind you, these houses you will see are NOT in a flood zone, FEMA has been there since the storm, people are getting tickets b/c looters are coming and trying to take their stuff off the curbs (has to stay there for FEMA and the insurance companies to see so they can give you $$) - literally these homes were water front property from the storm!

i know a few people in this town of Cranford and their homes are destroyed - one house even lost it's roof!!! - pure devastation - priceless memories gone from flood waters! - and all of downtown Cranford has to get rebuilt pretty much - all the restaurants (which many are my fave) have all be destroyed and out of business until they can renovate everything
PS - down the shore didn't get much damage at all - the storm really went crazy once it hit up in central/north Jersey - from my neighbors they said the storm was nothing compared to the Noreasterns we get down there ..

*not the best pictures, i was taking them as i was driving with my phone, and yea it's been raining here and not gonna stop any time soon - like WE need more rain*

I know there are A LOT of people very thankful right now for the American Red Cross, FEMA, State Troopers, Police officers, Fireman, and other rescue squads -- there's A LOT of work that needs to take place in NJ - some towns are already declared disaster zones and family's are not allowed home - some STILL without power or water

time to volunteer up!

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  1. That poor town! I reall hope that everyone does what they can to rebuild.

    I also hope all is well with you too my dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. So glad you're ok Erika. And what a good example you are - heading out to volunteer now! Best wishes to you.

  3. My gosh that is just awful. I can't believe the devesatation that it created in some towns!

  4. So awful, darling!
    Hope everyone is okay.


  5. I'm so glad thT it wasn't as bad (it was still bad in areas, don't get me wrong) as expected. My aunt lives in NY and was awaiting the worst.

  6. That is so crazy! I hear of bloggers still without power and it boggles my mind. I mean, not being able to see in the dark? For two weeks? Crazy. Love the rescue squads.

  7. prayers for everyone and hope that the recovery/rebuilding process goes quick!

    Hope you are good love..xo

  8. That's so sad : ( I hope the families are all okay.

  9. Glad you made it through okay - we had a few downed trees in my area but nearly as bad as was predicted!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. Oh wow, that looks pretty bad. We were lucky that there was not much destruction in our area because the winds were not heavy at all, although some flooding did happen. I can't imagine what it is to go through loosing everything because your house is destroyed. Sending good vibes and thoughts to those people.


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