it's official - i do have a raccoon as a roommate! - now do i evict him/her or let him/her stay rent free?! - hummmm - u know deep down inside i wanna leave "it" alone - but i also don't want damage done to my house that will cost me a fortune to fix .. breaks my heart to make the lil guy/gal leave! .. Joe says i build him a lil home so this way he can stay near and i won't feel bad - i'm actually thinking of doing such! - i know i'm a lil cookey when it comes to animals!
lets now switch gears a lil back to what this blog was all about - things i LOVE and inspire me in life - take a look at these 5 homes - all built underground! - now that's some WOW factor right there! - i'm hooked by this idea already - even tho the idea of not a lot of natural sunlight sorta' leaves a sour taste in my mouth - BUT to live in one of these, i think i could make do!

what do you think? - something for you or a total pass by?
i admit - i'm smitten with this - i love anything that has a "wow factor" to it - and well these are just beyond stunning - i just want a tour inside BADLY - anyone else wanna take a tour with me?!

i also would like to know how earth friendly these homes are?!?! - many of you know i'm very passionate about 'saving the earth' - so when i pass by a housing development going up and i see the thousands of tree's builders knock down for unneeded housing - it kills me - i always think to REUSE - why take more from the earth then you need - animals need shelter too - and if you can't afford to buy a house, knock it down, and rebuild then DO NOT BUY -- but that's me and my "save the earth" antics -- i seriously have such a soft spot for our earth and we are just tearing it to pieces! - feel me?!

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  1. Ah - good luck with the raccoon!
    These underground private spaces are awesome! Not sure I could live there full time - but it would be an amazing get away spot!

    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  2. I'd love to tour them but I don't have a desire to live in them. I have no idea on your new housemate - that's a tricky one, good luck :)

  3. My parents had a raccoon living inside the ceiling above my room after last year's tornado! I love all your natural homes - why not make the most of the existing environment?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. Yikes! Good luck with the raccoon!

    And I just loooove these homes! I wish I could take a peak inside. They're incredible!!! xoxo

  5. I do love them! I think it's so fun when people live creatively and differently. Very fun indeed.

  6. Wow! The one reminds me of the Telly tubbies house. Not sure that they would be for me mind.

    X x

  7. Fantastic pictures! Earth friendly homes... hmmm

  8. Wow, those spaces are so amazing! Sorry about the raccoon though...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. Raccoons can be scary right? Stay safe lol!

    And these homes are crazy cool!

  10. These are amazing!
    Very cool post, darling!


  11. I totally get how you're feeling about the little critter. I'd be the same way! We're earth girls E :)

    ps-thx for all the encouragement.

  12. These are absolutely stunning homes! I'd love to be so lucky as to take a stroll through them!

  13. These are really cool but I don't like basements. Our is more like a dungeon ; )

  14. those places are so cool... i can only imagine what is like to live there!

  15. raccoons scare the crap out of me. good luck. lol. adore this post. if you get a second I'd love if you'd check out this weeks fash fave and fash fail. I'd love to hear what you think. thanks love. xoxo


  16. Those first 2 homes are amazing. I would be curious too to see what they are like inside. I think you need to give your new "pet" a name! xo

  17. WOW what incredible homes! I'm dying to see how they look inside.


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