Big day

so i have a big day today! - conversations that i've been scared out of my mind to talk about - but today IS the day ... plus my Dad goes down the shore tomorrow or Wednesday for his 1 total knee replacement - which i'm of course a bottle of nerves since my dad is a very high risk patient - lord please hear my prayers and let the ones who i need to talk to have an open heart, mind, and spirit!
*ur friend Erika*

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Winner announced tomorrow!!

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  1. Good luck to you with the conversation and with your dad:)

  2. Prayers for your conversation and for your Dad!
    I know what you mean about high risk. My brother is very high risk and very ill right now.

  3. I hope all goes well with his surgery. Prayers to him.

    And you will do great with your big day. I know you'll be able to say what needs to be said.

  4. love you girl--thinking about you and your dad. keep us in the loop. xoxo-c


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