all my life i've been attracted to tattoos - but they are 'a no go' in my family - my first and only tat was a tramp stamp of a heart of some sorts (i don't even know what it looks like bc i never see it, and always forget about it) -- anyway i'm now looking into getting a few tatts that are meaningful in my life - to ground myself, to believe in myself, and to live freely ..

here's some tatts i found on Pinterest that interested me

sink or swim - perfect for a couple!!! - would do as a wedding ring instead of BLING - bling can come later - trying to get away from 'material possesions'

i am an earth child - loven' Native American feather - would LOVE this baby on my foot!

a compass is a MUST - it's a tat i am DEF getting on my wrist - to guide me in the right direction wherever i am or am going ...

love this cutie

OH YES - MUST - so going to be a copy-cat!

another compass a little above on the forearm ..

would love this - but don't have the guts - but AM going to get something near my breasts as a reminder of what is ahead of me and what i will accomplish in getting healthy and cancer free for good!

perfect after i decide to get my double mastectomy with reconstruction - still on the fence to WHEN i will proceed ..


Kristen Zielenbach
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THANK YOU ALL for participating!!!!!

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  1. I think you're either a tat person or you're not. I'm not one- I figure God made me this way for a reason, why change it? But that's my own opinion for myself.

  2. I'm not a tat person at all. To each their own though.

  3. I love tattoos. I had my first (teeny tiny) one at 35... and have two more planned - also teeny tiny but tattoos none-the-less.
    I love the wrist compass.

  4. I have 2, that mean nothing to me. I barely remember I have them. I wouldn't get any in the future, just because it's not relly my thing of expression. I do love the ones you posted, the anchors are cute.

  5. I LOVE tats! I have four right now, each have a very special meaning to me. I love the idea of the compass!!!

  6. The compass one is really pretty. Have a great day, sunshine

  7. I guess because I change so much, I'd be afraid that I would end up hating it. It's the whole "permanent" thing that puts me off. I say if you are into them... go for it!! xo

  8. i have one i got in my youth....but i want a few on my wrist..sanskrit names of my kids...still haven't decided yet!

  9. I only have the one and it is a henna one. It still went on the same way however it is meant to fade over the years. I didn't want to be old and wrinkly with a tattoo.

    My eldest has about four, all of which she loves and mean something to her.

    Good luck in choosing your next one.

    X x

  10. woo hoo!! sooo excited for the stickers!! :) thanks!!


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