My Dad = my first LOVE

my dad goes in for 1 knee replacement today (next one once he's recovered from the 1st)- being high risk i'm of course scared out of my skin - my Dad is literally my very best friend, my confidants, my method to madness, truth teller, best teacher i've ever met, a man filled with pure love - there's no one that can possibly add up to my Daddy - he's just THAT amazing ..

so the threat of possibly something going wrong has my nerves a wreck and i'm scared of possibilities - i love my Daddy to pieces and wish upon you all that you can say the same about yours

here's pics from Pinterest again of Fathers and Daughters which i felt appropriate for today

my Dad was always my dance partner even when i was little like this - no other feet i'd rather stand on then his!

my Dad will never let me go - always his baby girl - holding me close and tightly - guiding me in this world

beach days with my Dad - and vacations with just him and I - this was us - always and forever

my Dad taught me how to fish soon as i was born - then to bait a hook - unhook a fish - then to clean and flay fish - i became his super fishing partner! - with our 2 lil songs we sing every time when we go out on the boat fishing - it's in my blood b/c of him - LOVE!

best part of childhood was waking up my Dad to play or for pancakes - he IS the pancake KING!

My dad has taught me how to fish, drive a boat, drive a car, helped me with homework, taught me how to plant a garden from seeds, taught me the love and passion behind cooking, what a dollar is worth, the a car should be "from showroom to junk yard", to be independent, yearn to be my own boss, taught me how to use and be proficient in the use of power tools, taught me how to fix my own car, how to walk away when things arent right, to always do for other and NEVER expect in return, taught be to dig up a Christmas tree every year then plant them in our front yard to watch them grow as i did, how to make homemade wine, pasta, cheese, pizza, ect.- took me on trips all around the country and world - i can go on for day's - he's just an amazing man i couldn't live without - i'm one lucky girl - no denying that - i thank my lucky stars he's ALL mine!!!

as he goes through the most torturous pain of his life
and no "mistakes"!

i'll be MIA for a bit again - going down the shore for his surgery (he's using my same surgeon who fixed my knee) - so don't know when i'll be back - but lots of outfit posts to catch you up on - places i've been and seen - some insane homes to share - as well as new and emerging designers - and November 1st i get to share with you all my LIFE CHANGING news!!!!

off i go down the shore - be well all my Butterflies!

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  1. Hope everything goes well for your dad!!

  2. You tease! I want to hear the news!
    Prayers for your father. He sounds like the most amazing man.

  3. my prayers for your father, I definitely believe everything is going to be great. what a sweet, adorable post!

  4. What a beautiful post. I shall say lots of prayers for your pop.

    I miss my dad every day but I am thankful that he was around for me when I needed him most. He will always be with me.

    X x

  5. Sweet post!

  6. What a lovely post. Your father should quite proud of the appreciative daughter he raised. I'll be thinking about him (and you.) Here's a big hug...

  7. Beautiful post, Erika! I will definitely keep you all in my prayers. Sounds like you were truly blessed to have such a special man raise you! xo

  8. Such a beautiful post Erika. I'm blessed to be able to relate to it :) I hope and pray that everything goes well and he has a speedy recovery. AND I hope you are holding up ok!


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