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yes i know i have a shopping addiction - but soon enough it will come to a halt - a MAJOR halt - like NO more purchases for 12 months - yes 12 months - i'm dedicating myself that after October i will not purchase anything that is not a necessity and pay off all my credit cards! -- gonna be hard, but it's a life changing decision you will learn more about!

today i had a siding guy come and work up an estimate for new siding, awnings and other lil things that go along with refacing a house (sofats, gutters, drain pipes) .. time to save for 2012 and so my outside looks like the inside - the contractor even said "wow when i pulled up i had no idea the inside of your house would look like THIS" - major compliment! - but first up is to get a new roof on my back porch ...

anyway here's some more goodies i just got - more to come - i only have a few more days left to get my shopping on = cuz then i'm shut off for good! - well 12 months!

bean bag poufs i got on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond (saved $115 with coupons, gotta love they never expire!)

my Jefferey Campbell boots from Singer22 - IN LOVE

my new House of Harlow jewelry - 1 CC Skye cuff missing
bought from Singer 22 and Shopbop

my faux tail i found in Target - i hang it on my Alexander Wang bag

my FEED bag - i'm obsessed with companies that are all about helping others and all proceeds go to them - it's my attraction to TOMS too!

2 new Missoni from Target duvet sets

from SENDTHETREND - earrings, glasses and necklace
(always wanted to wear glasses, now i can!)

we call him "Lil Wallie"

last night i had a possum going through my garbage - total shocker - tried to get a pick but the lil bugger got away too quick - it's seriously Miss Dolittle here!

pretty soon i will be living through your posts of what you bought and admiring your purchases!

GIVE-AWAY coming SOOOOOON! - stay posted!!!!!

other news: once again i was asked "how old are you" me: "31" other person "my god you look like your 12" -- i guess Botox and face lifts aren't in my future any time soon - i totally think it's my henna tatt along with my hippie vibe i give off and dress -- i wear ZERO make-up unless an "event" comes up - this whole 30 thing is FAB, i couldn't ask for anything else - life is good - and BIG changes ahead to make it better!!!!

PS - check out my other blog Tiptoe With Curiosity - created a new post today - would LOVE to get some comments on there on what you think and maybe some new friends too -- i'm LOSING friends on here b/c i've been MIA with life - makes me sad :o(

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  1. Gorgeous purchys, darling!
    Love those poufs!


  2. You're going on a 12 month shopping freeze? Whoa! You are way more dedicated than I am!

    And yay for them thinking you were 12. Ha!

  3. Loved your comment, love what you are doing for yourself, taking time off the "real world" is really something everybody should do, especially these days as the world becomes more and more materialistic and pretentious and less humanistic, we need to get back to the people and enjoy the simple things in life, we'll have more happy people and less stress-aholics. For sure it will be incredible hands down! keep us posted :) xo

  4. OMG that is quite a challenge! I don't know if I could do it. You have more fortitude than me though :)

    As far as shopping, yeah I've done a TON! It's ridiculous. Started when J bought me a Chloe bag for our anniversary last month and then for some reason I decided that meant I can do whatever I want and spend like a crazy person. It's out of hand. Like seriously. I purchase things and then forget until they come in the mail and I'm like "what is this???" Not good and it has to stop. SOON! :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  5. WOO HOOO...you boght such good stuff! And a shopping ban for 12 months? That's a long time but if anyone can do it, I know you can do it!!! Hope you have an amazing weekend...tell the animal kingdom I said what up! lol xo

  6. Love those bean bag poufs!!!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  7. you have an issue with shopping? well you are in good company! (moi!)

    I love every jewellery piece you've bought!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  8. these booties r amazing. I hope you had an amazing weekend, love. Thanks for sharing. I attended a store launch party in Vegas this weekend, love if you'd check out the post. xo


  9. I love the Feed bag so much:) Good luck with your challenge, darling!!! Hugs and kisses.

  10. Great buys! Those JC shoes are awesome! Glad you're back : )


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