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HI BUTTERFLIES!!!! -- how has everyone been doing?  -- i'm hoping to get to about 2-3 blog posts a week - gotta work my way back into the groove - and with hardly ever being at home, and when i am i usually passed out, it's been tough to get on here and produce creative posts - my creative energy right now is focused on a LIFE changing venture *crossing fingers it works out*

anyway - so i figured i'd show you a few goodies i got lately
i got lots of new clothes i could share - but the biggest news - ALL MY JEANS FIT ME AGAIN!!!! - Joe said "you starved yourself into a new wardrobe" - NOTE: i really didn't starve myself, the stress of life has just made me drop some pounds - now to keep it up, get to the gym and tone, and lose a few more!

Kork-Ease Kayla boots

i'm HUGE into feather head pieces - 2 i just got

Via Spiga brown suede clog boots

Zara gold sequin flats and my LOVES auth Indian moccasins (literally wear almost everyday since i got them on our Vermont trip)

heart sunnies from Planet Blue

Zara black sequin beanie and embellished wrap from Summit Fair

henna work from Summit Fair - she'll be at my next girls night to do us all up!
everywhere i go people say "oh you went to an Indian wedding?" - me: "oh no, just the Summit Fair"

head wrap from Forever21, Vince back silk top, Madewell skirt, auth. moccasins, Alexander Wang bag, Toms sunnies

ekkk - i kiss dead people too!

SO many events coming up - and a HUGE life changing decision coming soon *just breathe*

  • 13th - getting a siding estimate for my house (so i can ballpark it for 2012)
  • 16th - Joe's cousins sons Baptism
  • 19th - BE BRIGHT PINK event in NYC
  • 26th - Dad goes in for 1 knee replacement down the shore
  • Nov 6th - Bliss workshop at Soulful Awakenings
  • also solar panel guys are gonna come out to see if i can get them on my roof  *crossing figures my house is positioned right*

then i have to make reservations to:
  • Copacabana in NYC (had plans, fell threw, yes i was LIVID)
  • Private climbing lessons at The Gravity Vault with "the girls"
  • meet with a Shaman on the regular (already know who, just gotta make appt - she is from a lineage of Shamans)
  • find a yoga and meditation studio
i can't wait to share with you my LIFE changing news - i just need to set it in stone and then i'll spill my guts - i'm SO excited for my new venture in life !!!


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  1. Goodness what an amazing and wonderful post! I couldn't be happier for you and all the goodness that surrounds you. You are one proactive gal that takes life by the horns. Can't wait to hear about your life changing venture.

  2. Wow! That's great about your jeans.
    Life changing eh? I can't wait to hear about it!

  3. I love the head wrap. And buying myself gifts too!

    xoxo navy & orange

  4. Loving the boots & the Via's! I hope everything works out with your life changing news! I haven't really had any of that lately. HA! Normally, I just stress out like a crazy person.

  5. Oh I so want your sequin flats!

    I am so happy to hear things are going well dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. So good to see you back, girl!! and good to see you taking care of and spoiling yourself. werk those little booties!! they're ADORABLE!!

  7. Wow Erika-so much going on! Love the henna-I was about to ask you if you went to an Indian wedding. j/k :)

  8. yay for treating yourself to goodies! I am loving those gold sequin flats and the moccasins!! SO cute. xoxo


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