Rich N Melissa's Vinyard Wedding

i'm backkkkk - ok not really - had to pay some bills on-line so this is the FIRST time in WEEKS i have opened my computer!!! -- been a very busy bee and now fighting a lil bug i got (can not wait for some green juice from the Juice Caboose later, in dyer need of it, help get this bug outta' me!)

and YES i'm very aware i've been a "bad blogger!" - i hope to get back ON IT quick - got lots of 411's to share with you, new designers, new homes to share, lots of press releases, ect! -- STAY TUNED --

ALSO i'm gonna be asking for YOUR advice/thoughts/opinion/view on "Curiosity" within a day or too - really LOVE your input!!!

(( gosh i have SO much to catch up everyone on and i have SO much to catch up on all of you ))

A view of our Saturday September 3rd - Labor Day Weekend


u know i LOVE good doors - these were GOOOOD doors!
soon to be Mr. and Mrs.!
grapes growing
Joe and myself
ring bearer - Greyson!
His side
her side
kiss to make it solid
inside the winery
i figured i'd just tap it right into my veins
many have asked - yes my tan is natural, no i don't fake and bake, yes i get pale white in the winter, no i do not burn in the sun, yes i'm 100% Polish, no i don't wear SPF, yes i'm gonna miss my tan, no i did not lay out a lot, and yes i tan easily :o)
one last sip-a-roo
feather ring bought from ShopBop years ago
speak no evil
waitress said they are eatable - so yes Joe ate all the flowers at the table
i can dance - alone or in a crowd - no matter
we were at the Cabernet table - gotta say we were the "it" table - ya know the one RIGHT next to the Mrs. and Mr. - whoo hoo!
cutting the cake
yes - i broke out "the shopping cart"
either was 'shuffaling' or heading off to the potty
GREYSON - how adorable RIGHT?!
Groom getting down n dirty ~ btw it was his BIRTHDAY too!
Joe (i dunno what's up with the pinky OR the drink), myself, and Steve Lobel
(A 2 Z Entertainment -- he ran with Run DMC, that was his way IN the industry)
that's a wrap!


don't forget to get your tickets if your in the NYC area - Melissa's (above) Mom is fighting the fight of her life - Dr's don't have great odds for her - but with support and funds we can make a difference and Greyson can have his Grandma a lil longer!!! -- GET YOUR TICKETS HERE - mention "Erika Falkowski" invited you - *much love*

PS - my Mommy is totally a champ! - double mastectomy with reconstruction went great - of course all the pain mixed with the neuropathy pain left from the chemo as well as my Mom's eye sight has been lost to the chemo as well - but she's got 2 drains out and hopefully the last 2 today (odd for them to be in THIS long, but if it can go wrong, it does with my Mom) - they filled each one with 40cc's on Tuesday - i'm sure he'll fill a little more today - he thinks she'll probably be around 700 when she's all done and finished! ... thanks for all your love notes and comments - ur the best Butterflies!


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  1. Glad your mom's surgery went well : )
    What a beautiful wedding!
    No SPF??? Erika!!

  2. How could we ever forget about you? So glad you had such an amazing time and so happy your mother is doing better. Sad about the eye sight. What a champ she is!

  3. This post made me smile! Love the dancing, your dress and the feathers!!
    So good to hear that your Mom is doing well. So sorry about her eyesight. Will she get it back?

  4. What an amazing wedding! I Love that picture of Greyson, too cute! And your dress is pretty fabulous!

  5. Aww! Thanks for inviting us in for the beautiful event!

  6. Glad to hear that the surgery went good. You look so beautiful in that dress Erika!! Glad you got to have a great time! xo

  7. Oh Erika you mother has been through so much! Thinking of her!

    You look gorgeous!! What a fun, fun wedding!!

    PS Come let me know what you think of my Autumn decor and enter my New Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  8. Great to see you girl! You look gorgeous and what a beautiful wedding and setting! Happy that your Mom's surgery went well:-)


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