i'm backkkk - well i hope to be on the norm again - i've been tested positive for an anti-immune disease (leukemia, Hodgkin's, lupus, ect) - which has me in a tizzy - part of me doesn't wanna know, i mean a HUGE part and an itty bitty glimmer is saying 'erika maybe it's a false positive' (but we all know that's not the case) - either way to KNOW is power but not sure if i'm ready to be that powerful yet!

just when i thought i had things under control - eating cancer fighting foods - i get *BAM* a positive blood test - so means MORE tests from the doctors to find out what's going on with my body - bottom line i have more bad cells in my body then good and the bad cells are eating my tissues away - *BOO* - but if it wasn't news like this lately i dunno what my news would be - *deep breathe*

time for those big girl panties back on! - live IN the moment is my biggest dream for us all - we miss so much thinking in the past and toward the future - just stop - realize NOW and enjoy it - say "i love you" to that moment - i'm telling you - it takes you a LONG way when you can actively pursue this challenge!

here's some happy photos that get me in the mood to smile:

i have the same heart sunnies - i think it's time i start wearing those lovies!

in 2012 this  is pretty much what my house will look like - already found the company i'm using - and they have dark navy siding like i love - shake siding on the house and scallop siding above my front door - then a deck built in the front of my house like this- on difference i'm going to have a Hermes orange door!

hello DREAM!

pretty much all my "super close" friends live down the shore - but i can just IMAGINE living in one of these brownstones - with the color and all - i mean how can you come home and not say "hello home, i love you" walking into these!

i keep trying to think how i'm going to finish my unfinished basement - and HELLO love! - this map idea is just insane to me - and i'm ALL about it - Universe please make this happen! - love you!

how adorable? who wouldn't want this little lovebug in their home?!

i LOVE the idea of a vintage trunk as a coffee table - and i'm lucky enough to have a few from my parents and the people i bought my house from!

this was myself and some friends at my Bliss workshop - learned so much - so happy to be part of this family! - getting involved with angel readings, meditation, yoga, life coach sessions, and workshops - HEAVEN for this winter of mine - these will warm my soul!


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  1. Very sorry to hear your news. You are right, knowledge is power and so is your positive attitude! Will think and hope all good things for you. Love your 2012 house - cheery and welcoming :)

  2. Hi Erika,

    Sorry to hear that..but your attitude is great and will be helpful as you go through further testing. Be sure that your doctor tests you for Scarcoidosis. It's an auto immune diesase that is in the Lupus family. I was very, very sick and was tested for everything under the sun but this one particular test.. and after losing 60lbs.. experiencing kidney failure, having lymph nodes on the side of my neck the size of grapefruits and looking the the Crypt Keeper.. I was finally tested for it.. given treatment and was as good as new.

    Sending prayers your way for good health and knowledgable doctors.

  3. Hugs to you! But what a great attitude you have.

  4. Oh sweetheart! I am so sorry. You have gone through so much already. My heart goes out to you.

  5. Oh Erika! I'm so sorry - but wow - I know you can get through this. You are such an inspiration about all that is good in life. I will pray for you. Please keep us informed.

  6. Stay positive...

    you are on the right track,
    enjoy life!

    Nice lovely and inspiring images,
    they've put smiles on my face too.

  7. i sincerely hope that everything turns out okay! you are such an amazing and positive person, i know you will get through anything. :)

    all these are making me happy right now -- how beautiful are those earrings?! and wow, an orange hermes door? fantastic!

    <3, Mimi

  8. Erika, I'm going to say a prayer for you tonight and I will hope and pray everything turns out okay. Big hugs to you.


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