Bells are ringing

i'm one of the gals who never dreamed about her wedding - how it would be, what theme would take place, nor if i ever wanted to take the plunge - but here's some eye candy i'm all about for 'wedding' stuff -- maybe i'm starting to dream a little - i said DREAM - not READY!  *just to make clear*

love the mix of white and yellow gold - 3-4 ct diamond in the middle would be wonderful :o)

vintage looking - am i'm loven'! - i mean seriously this is a gem!

if i ever take the plunge - small and intimate is my choice! - i mean SMALL too - only the intimate people in our lives - No 300+ guest list for me - it's just not who i am ..

i'm obsessed with willow tree's would DIE to wed in between them!

a must with all the guests!

oh yes - this is a MUST for me!

perfect Brides maid dresses - can wear over and over - and doesn't scream brides maid - which i loathe those dresses!!!!

DREAM bouquet for my wedding! - emeralds to represent my birth stone as well as my parents - plus my "something blue" (since all my emeralds were stolen when my parents house was robbed)

i love the lace back of this dress - very vintage feeling - i haven't found an IT dress - but i do know i hate satin - and i'm all about boho, hippie, couture, feathers kinda' girl - a 1 of a kind dress would only work for me ..

my "something blue" by Loubs.

my kind of a honeymoon!

i'm NO where near walking down any isle - but the thought lately has crossed my mind - what is a girl go do?


Dad Update:
my Dad ended up getting a 6 hour blood transfusion today - the hospital wants to release him tomorrow - but he is suppose to be IN the hospital for physical therapy for 2 weeks - so we are trying to get that fixed - all of our houses have WAY too many steps for him to even THINK about climbing - but i'm just so proud of him sticking through all of this and all the pain and making it work for him - i'm literally SO proud of my Daddy! - he's NOT a hospital/help type of guy - so we shall see tomorrow what my Mom and myself can do to keep him in SOCH for another 2 weeks!

and PS last night i gave my Mommy a mani and pedi treatment - girls nights with my Mom are so fun - loven' my new life!!!! -- and i forgot to mention yesterday Nov 1 marks the day when myself and my parents were eating dinner around 8pm and the phone RINGS - her oncologist called from her home in a panic - my life has changed ever since then - so for the next 12 months i'm flipping this life of mine right back!

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  1. I loooove your kind of wedding. i had a huge one, but if it were totally up to me ( and not both of our families) I'd have 10 people there. there's something so amazing about a small wedding where just the nearest and dearest are near by.

    and god bless your daddy! go him!!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding it will/{could if u want it} be!!! I never dreamed of my wedding because quite honestly I never thought it was possible!!! Luckily it was and it all worked out perfectly :)

    Glad that your Dad's transfusion went well. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts! xoxo

  3. i never dreamed about my wedding growing up. just wasn't that kinda girl. i actually never thought about marriage until i met my now husband. if'd i been on pintrest 5 years ago or was a blogger i probably wouldn't have been able to help myself! YES to your honeymoon!! bora bora is just amazing. hope things keep improving for your dad!

  4. Girl that bouquet is amaaaazing!!! OMG drool...

    Sending love & hugs & healing to all of you!

  5. Wow! What a dream wedding indeed!!

    Your dad is awesome. And what a crazy time for you. Seriously- November 1st will always be a marking point in your life.

  6. So beautiful and that lace back blew me away. Stunning and so snazzy:) Love. Kisses, darling

  7. I love the lace wedding dress! So pretty!

  8. That jewel bouquet is too amazing - wow!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. Your wedding will be super gorgeous, without a doubt!

  10. First of all I love EVERY picture you posted...that antique looking ring is so major!

    And so glad your Dad is doing's never easy! Seriously your positivity is so inspiring and I admire you for taking the next year by the horns and focusing on you. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  11. Oh Erika I did not know you've been going thru such a difficult time. Sounds like you have figured out what's the best for you and your family, and are where you need to be right now.

    and p.s. you'll be the best bride ever! That maid dress is rockin'!

  12. These photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  13. dying over that 2nd ring!! xoxo

  14. So glad your Dad is doing good. Very sweet how close you are with your parents.

    I am in LOVE with that first ring! If you and Joe plan a wedding I just know it would be a blast! You two definitely will not have a dull celebration! xo

  15. I love those rings, and that bridesmaids dress, gorgeous!!!

    Best of luck to your dad!!


  16. love ALL those wedding details! I never dreamt about my wedding as a little girl, but when it happened it was perfect. Small, mostly family, by the water and marrying the most wonderful man I ever met... a dream!

  17. That wedding bouquet is EVERYTHING!!! Your kind of wedding is totally my kind of wedding. Love it!!

  18. Hi. Do you happen to know the location of the Willow Tree wedding you posted in November last year? If not, where did you get those photos?


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