Life Changing Day

so i'm back down the shore - up in north Jersey we lost all power and electric *tress down everywhere and roads closed, traffic lights out, ect.*  - i had to boil water on the stove and keep the shower running on hot to keep the house comfortable - at points you could see my fog of my breather!!! - i was fully bundled in North Face gear WITH my Tigger snuggie on - oh and 4 pairs of socks - plus 2 dogs and Joe! ...

from Urban Outfitters - thanks to Instagram

*but on a positive note - all the booze in the fridge HAD to be drunk before they were no good - we were good at that - always a positive to a situation*

so i've been talking about this BIG LIFE CHANGING NEWS - well here it is - official:
  • i psych-do quit my job - only going into the office once a month
  • dedicate myself to yoga and meditation
  • see a Shaman once a week for guidance
  • sign myself up to a gym and get ride of the 'jiggles"
  • and the MOST SHOCKING - a 12 month spending freeze - NO shopping for me AT all for 12 months (only necessities, b-day presents, dinner, gas, food, ect.)
  • pay off every single debt i have and watch my credit score sky rocket (it's been raising but i want a HUGE jump feel me? -800 please )
  • save money to reface my entire house in 2012 *already found my contractor and colors and awning material - but gonna wait till spring 2012 - my new porch back roof will be completed by the same company in 2 weeks (that raccoon did a major on my roof *boo*)
  • eat an anti-cancer diet - be fully informed and make my own decisions with my body
  • these next 12 months are all about ME - discovering who i am, going to self help lectures, join local activities, meet new cherished friends, volunteer, ect.
  • i plan for a non-material 12 months - but a major inner journey - which i hope ends in a trip of a life time to Africa!
  • find a masters/PhD program and go back to school
  • these are the basics of my 12 month plan
SO ALL in ALL i'm taking 1 year to better understand myself, explore life and it's opportunities, come up with a solid business plan, but for these 12 months to just be about ME and my BODY, MIND and SOUL - a super excursion if you will - i'm stoked!

i know i know - an EVEN BETTER version of myself - holy spaceballs - it's gonna be good!

outfit pics courtesy of instagram:
out at Central Park for the Giants game and heat
*House of Harlow sunnies; James Perse thermal; chunky sweater from TM Max; C&C California legging jeans; Ugg boots*
obsessed with the sweater that i got it in black too

after the Copacabana in NYC - we headed to Central Park again
*Gap pleather jacket, Zara tank, Robert Rodriguez ostrich feather shirt, Linea Pellea fringe clutch, Nine West knee high boots; jewelry don't remember*

where cheating means your only cheating yourself?

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  1. The 12-month plan sounds awesome!!!!!!! Please keep us updated!
    As for the last picture. You look HOT.HOT.HOT!
    Love the skirt!

  2. This is amazing! I'm so happy for you and look forward to the journey ahead. Seriously- not spending is so liberating! And volunteering is the best way to find yourself.

  3. Good for you, sweetie!!! That's quite an admirable plan. Focus on yourself because you are #1.

    I've done a 12 month plan before. I actually currently started one to take better care of myself. This vegan & gluten-free diet is just the beginning. I want to be happy & healthy by the time I hit 40 (yikes! I said it!!!) next July :) xoxo

  4. your 12 month plan sounds amazing!! congrats, those are definitely life-changing decisions. x

  5. Wow, good for you!! Sounds like an amazing way to spend a year!

  6. I love that you are taking the time for YOU. Will be such an amazing eye opening year for you to explore yourself and for you to do the things that you want to do. My hat's off to you sister! xo

  7. You are so wise. Sounds like a great game plan. Many people spend their entire lives not truly knowing who they are or what makes them tick. All the best for an amazing 12 months! XOXOXO. BTW, you look beautiful in those photos.

  8. No shopping for one year?? I would fail immediately. I admire your determination, though.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Wow congrats Erika! Even without the job it sounds like you are going to be super busy this year. You have so much to think about and so many wonderful goals to work towards.

  10. just catching up with you here as i try to do every now and again. just want to say you are an amazing woman!

    you inspire me.

    best wishes to you during your journey of you!!!

  11. You go girl! We have changed to a low carb and low sugar diet (we already eat little meat) and it is starting to show in a good way! Aww and if you give up spending how will you get another snuggie (hinting heavily during birthday time should help though!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


    *take up Pilates. it has changed my life sooooo much*

    I'm so excited for you Erika. Looking after yourself is a full-time job in and of itself.


  13. Your 12 month plan sounds amazing (and inspiring!)... I look forward to following as you go!


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