Fist City

i LOVE this song - "Fist City" by Best Coast ...  check it - lemme know what you think!

and YES i have a few people that need to detour my town and from me *booya*

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  1. Luvs it!!! I' was bobbing around at my desk listening to it :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  2. I LOVE this song too! But I really fell in love with the Loretta Lynn version a long time ago. I listened to her talk about this song on an NPR interview and I coldn't help but think she was totally bad ass. This version is pretty amazing too! Love Best Coast.

    PS - you're the winner of my giveaway! I emailed you with the address on your blogger profile page so I just wanted to make sure you got the news :)


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