it's my blog and i'll rant if i want too!

as per my last post - i've had a shore house for over 20+ years - a little back info on myself - i've been a "save the earth" girl since elementary school - ONLY using recycled paper, everything had to be the earth on it, and i started my family to recycle before you HAD to .. i'm no major tree hugger - but i'm also not just a girl who lets things go on around her without making my voice heard! - i'm the girl who cries every time i see a deer hit in the road - ALL b/c of humans taking over THEIR land!

when we got out house down the shore - everything was forest - 30 mins to food market - now only 2 mins - there was nothing but nature down there - and it was beautiful and glorious - lots of wildlife roaming in the woods and it made my heart sing in glory! - luckily where i live on the water, the front of my house is wet lands and now a nature preserve so nasty builders can't buy it up and build - thank god or i'd have a heat attack!

but each year i see more and more builders tearing down acres and acres of land to build "communities" of the same ugly 10 house models - and this brings nothing but rage to me - the builders and the people who buy theses home are no more then thieves! - they have stolen land like Columbus did with the Indians - making wildlife have less and less land to live - stealing their homes!

i believe in the 3 R's - reduce, reuse, and recycle! (i actually wrote a term paper in college about this) - i believe in buying a house already in place and renovating it to what you want your house to be - not to be a thief! - and if you know anything about builders who buy this land - it's all about time lines and getting the job done the cheapest way possible .. cheapest of everything in the home and built poorly

as i renovated my house - i got to choose the best of the best sheet rock, wires for eclectic, where my outlets needs to be, what insulation to use, ect. - i had the ability to make sure my house was re-built with the best of the best - instead of the cheapest materials that aren't worth a damn - and i didn't rob any ones land!

so when i go down the shore - and huge strip malls are built - these damn ugly houses that all look the same - drives me bananas - and i put partial blame on the people who buy these homes - having no respect for the environment and what they are doing to harm nature! - true home-wreckers if you ask me!

i got use to driving 30 mins to the grocery store, now only 2 mins away - having less people around - but being down south - not on the water - people buy these homes so cheap and it's the only explanation i can have for why they would buy them - b/c there literally is NO work down south - so they all have to commute to NYC or Philly to work - but they think they are big and mighty b/c they bought a new construction house - well jokes on you people - you are to blame for the wildlife dying and having no where to live - you are to blame for cutting down tons of trees and not letting our earth produce the oxygen it use to - SHAME ON YOU!

i have no respect for these people - yet i do understand that they can buy these homes for a FRACTION of the price of living in North Jersey or buying a house and renovating it - but in a world where we NEED to stop all the pollution and stop killing wildlife - it's a shame these people buy these homes and feed into these builders - shame shame shame

one day i hope these people who are buying these houses and have children - look back and say OMG it's partly MY fault for how the world is turning to be - how THEY have stolen the homes of wildlife - how THEY have ruined beautiful forests and pine lands for the sake of a cheap new house

yes, i'm sure i'm going to get some unpleasant comments on this - but this is my opinion and my blog - a place i can voice my concerns and feelings and to call people out! - and YES i'm calling YOU out for buying a house which use to be home to various wildlife - SHAMEFUL - i hope you don't sleep well at night for what you have done to this enviorment - it's people like you that make this world to deteriorate - we NEED our forests - we need our wildlife - THEY have claim before us!

stop being so uptight thinking you need a newly built home (which is built like sh*t, trust i know from builders, you get the cheapest materials and it's just a matter of time before your house is crap) - think of the world you live in - think of the children of the future - don't take the beauty away from them and the clean air those tree's could have provided

so sleep tight home wreckers - and if you have children i feel sorry for them for what you have taken away from them - a beautiful planet - but bc of your greed you made this world the place it is today!

don't fall into the ugly path of builders and the same 10 ugly homes that make a so called "community" - make a difference in the world - don't cause more havoc! - let the children of the future be proud of you, not ashamed you took their nature away!

THINK ABOUT IT - maybe you will realize sooner then later before it's too late!!!


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  1. I'm with you! I hate to see people mowing down trees for construction.

  2. You say it! It's your blog and you should say whatever you want!

  3. I get SO mad when they develop and the buildings stay vacant. I mean it's bad enough that the land is being taken away from the animals, but to put a big ugly building there and have no occupants because they economy is so bad it should have never been built in the first place really angers me!

  4. Hi--found your blog from a comment you left on "The Girl Who Ate Everything." How random is that?!?
    We live in a "working man's neighborhood" in the beautiful Cape Cod town of Chatham, MA. We had rented for 2 wks. each summer for over 30 yrs. and finally were able to barely afford a small home here. We have seen the sweet cottages torn down so McMansions could be built and little rental cottage colonies selling to condo builders because they couldn't afford the property taxes. However, it could be MUCH worse--perhaps more like your situation. I think it's because the Zoning Board, Conservation Committee, Historical Commission, etc. have tried to be vigilant and hold to a certain vision/plan for the town and enforce the bylaws. But it is not easy in this economy for towns to turn down the money that comes in from increased tourism and taxes from more and bigger development. Fishermen who used to be the backbone of the economy can not even scratch out a living without help. Young people are fleeing the Cape because there is no affordable housing and few jobs with any growth potential. We watch the televised town committee meetings on local access TV and see some of the same faces time and time again speaking up and out for preserving the traditions and character of the town. They're not dressed in Nantucket red slacks or cashmere sweaters, but they know what they're talking about and we listen and try to learn. It's democracy in action and I guess at some point we will have to be willing to step up to the plate and be heard at town meetings or run to be on these committees if we feel so strongly about the future of this lovely ocean community. I guess there are just TOO MANY PEOPLE!! Thank you for your "rant" because they are words that need to be spoken. It's the beginning steps of getting involved.

  5. Nothing like a good rant, and I'm with you on all accounts! I live in WA state - same things happens. We have bear, deer, bob cat, etc.. in our yard. The more we build, the more lost these critters are. People forget that it's THEIR property first and ours second. I get tired of hearing people complaining and finding themselves "in danger" because of the animals.. what's up with that! Carry on and speak your mind!


  6. Awesome rant, darling ~ I am so with you!


  7. I'm with you. My best friend moved to Irvine a few years ago and hated those SoCal cookie cutter houses. Sigh hopefully the development will stop and people will realize they can get gorgeous and unique houses that aren't the same as their neighbors!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Doesn't that feel good, Erika. Also, hate when beautiful trees, and land are scooped up by ugly strip malls and such. Completely agree with you...

  9. I love that you have strong opinions and are passionate about this cause. You go girl! xo

  10. great to see your interest and determination!! great stuff!! do drop by and i would love to follow your blog back regularly :)

    xoxo hanz

  11. I love this post, girl!! Glad you're speaking your mind, and I totally agree with you. Maybe you should write a letter to the editor so it can be published!


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