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this weekend i went to another Bliss workshop at Soulful Awakenings - and once again i'm feeling on-top of the world - feeling things are aligned and i'm moving and grooving in the right direction - i can't thank Patricia enough for being such an amazing life coach and Bliss-tastic soul! - she's my soul-sister indeed! (btw she's an actress too) - she just exudes love, peace, and bliss!

afterwards was time for grub and a drinks at The Boathouse (killer mahi sandwich) - new friends were made - new beginnings to start - refreshing my soul for the week ahead - i'm rejuvenated and in total love with myself - and from this point forward i will make love to everything i do - from taking a shower, to walking the pups, to driving, to my workout, and to the Universe!

i hope you all had a Bliss-Tastic weekend as i did! - and if you can find workshops like this - DO THEM - nothing feels better, promise, afterwards!

ever been to the Chakra bowls? - DO IT! ..
up next for me are Angel Readings!

ps .. green juicing it up right now b/c i'm nursing a bit of a hangover - b/c ummmm G-MENNNNNN BABYYYYYYY won the Super Bowl - BOOOO-YAHHHHH!

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  1. I do practice yoga. This sounds lovely. Come on by my blog and let me know how you feel about the fashion trend of mullet hems.

    Lisa x

  2. Being in love with yourself is the best thing you could ever do for both you and those you love - well done :)

  3. CONGRATS to your GiantS!! I practice 'breathing'

  4. Ha -yes I was rooting for the Giants too.

    I started doing yoga and I have to say it really does help relieve the stress I didn't even know I was carrying. So relaxing and my blood pressure has become lower. NICE

  5. PS - you are very flower power right now and it totally puts a smile on my face.

  6. These sure put me in a good mood. And we all need that on Mondays.

  7. Good for you for doing this! ..and the green drink :) I have practiced Bikram yoga for years and really enjoy it. Exercise really helps me manage my stress - not to mention the anti aging benefits!


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