Blissful Weekend Ahead

"When you follow your bliss ... doors open where you thought there would not be doors and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else." - Joseph Campbell

so i found the Yemanja Resort which is nestled high on a beautiful hill, overlooking the Macaroni Beach on Mustique Island, in St Vincent and the Grenadines. It consists of a main villa, a three-bedroom cottage and bunk houses for children - lets just saying i'm calling this place my next Bliss-Vacation! = take a look why

just FYI - 5 bedroom spot starts at 22K - price aside - who's IN?!
(i'm still dying to go on my all girls surf and yoga camp in Hawaii)

How do you pick your vacation spots?
Do you use deal websites, an agent, or plan yourself?

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  1. That looks like a little slice of heaven but the price tag means I'll only be enjoying it through photos.
    We usually plan our vacations ourselves but last year we joined my parents on a trip to China that was with a group and each day was planned out. We just followed along like cattle, I didn't like that too much.
    LOVE that quote.


    the best BLISS eye candy:))))
    So exited to get my postcard from you from THERE!!!!


  3. I'm in and what a view! Great quote at the top.


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  5. Bliss is right. I am packing my bags now and will see you on the plane. In my mind anyways.

    I usually like to plan my trips myself....I visit numerous websites, expedia and travelocity is a good start because you see what hotels are in which areas and then you can go to the hotel sites or airline sites to compare pricing. I think planning is part of the excitement and fun.


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