It's THAT weekend again

it's THAT weekend again - 'my birthday weekend' aka 'kicking off the summer' - which means tiki bars, walks on the beach, fresh seafood, sun kissed skin, new haircut, time with friends and family, and some R&R in the mist of it all - i hope all you butterflies have an amazing weekend - it's SUMMA' SUMMA' TIME! - bring it sun and all your shenanigans! *shore bound*

Imagine all the possibilities - new friends, new places, new experiences - it's all at our fingertips!

time to kick off the chucks and get the toes in the sand

boating, fishing, kayaking, tubing, jet skiing - the list goes on - oh how i love the water - a fish i shall be in another life!

white dresses, bare feet on the dock, walks with the pups, beach cruise'n on the bikes - i'm ready!

learning how to surf and paddle board are on the agenda this summer

the start of bikini's and BBQ's - HOORAY! - add in laughter too!

here's to a fabulous 2013 summer and another year of life!

CHEERS! - HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND opps i mean Happy Birthday Erika Weekend! *teehee*

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  1. With each picture and sentence... I kept thinking "Yes!"

    Happy summertime and happy birthday! I hope both are even more fabulous and fantastic than years past.


  2. This is AWESOME!!! Go Go Go:)))) Beautiful Post!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Such a happy post and I love that last photo on the beach!


  4. Happy Birthday gorgeous! Hope your Birthday weekend is unforgettably special. Cheers to white dresses!!!

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  6. Erika! You super beautiful woman! How are you? I am finally back to blogging and I'm so happy to visit your blog again. Happy B-day darling!Enjoy!

  7. In my opinion that is the BEST time to have a bday!!! My favorite weekend of the year. Hope you had an incredible one, sweetie. :) xoxo

  8. Hey, Erika :)
    You have such an inspiring and amazing blog, love the posts
    Gladly followed through GFC
    Have a great day!


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