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i'm in the process of trying to adopt a dog - Joe (boyfriend) was thissssss close to buying me one over the past weekend (we feel in love with a Morkie) - but i knew my next pup would be adopted - right now we have 2 pups (a teacup Maltese named Kayleigh and an adopted Westie mix named Rusty)  - this whole adoption process (we have our fingers crossed for a Coton De Tuler named Randy but i wanna change his name) got me thinking of home decor (a passion of mine, which PS i've come to the conclusion i need a much bigger house, b/c all i wanna do is decorate and redecorate) and dogs .. 

all pictures snatched from Interior Design Hound

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  1. those speakers are so great- never seen headless speakers dogs before.

  2. That's so awesome! Love those speakers!

  3. How exciting! Dogs are seriously the best.

    Picks when your new fur ball arrives.

  4. Those speakers are great! Didn't know there was such a thing! Good luck with your adoption :)


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