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from 1 of my soul sisters in Bali right now - Elena from Love Letter Nation:

Make a resolve to Forgive everyday...Forgive yourself others  This one can be a tricky one at times, but if you are willing to forgive that's the 1st step, the universe will take care of the rest

I love the Ho'oponopono mantra: I love you, I thank you, I forgive you (use it for everything, i just used it when i lost my orginal finished draft of this newsletter, i learned that i can't compose a newsletter in g mail and paste it into mail you guys will have to love my own creative spelling for words! :)

Make Love to yourself everyday:
Give yourself a hug, kiss your shouders, say I love you my darling, you are the bliss bomb diggity :)  Make your own daily rituals..  Make your daily shower into a sacred baptism - Light some candles, play some music - Smell your soap and enjoy it's fragrance thanking it..

As you wash your body lovingly add a mantra - When i wash my arms I say "may i embrace life with love and kindness" - Treat yourself to some delicious oils, check out gyspy blue apothecary - Massage your body, thanking and blessing each body part (this can be done within 5 minute to a full on 20 minutes depending on how much time you have..)

Cook a special meal with love for your partner or lovie love amiga - Feed each other, nourish each other - Write a spontanous text, Ps. I Love You - Make a music mix with song that may be connected to inside jokes or memories - Buy a voice recorder and record a special message for your partner (or write a little ole love note) - Make a secret pac, pinky swear with your partner that everyday you will do one or all of the following!

Kiss, hug, say i love you, make love
If you are not abliging than a connect confernce is in order (you can be as creative with this:)

I hope you reading this with as much love and graditude that is in my heart, as it is over flowing ! :)  - Any ding dings in you heart? Love Letter Nation would LOVE to hear from you (FB- LLN today!) ! That's our food :)

Rock on with your heart on!


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  1. Hugs to you and give lots of love to your mommy this weekend.


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