have you Butterflies heard of Edition01?!

as the site says: Edition01 is curated style.  We collaborate with the most talented fashion designers to create limited edition collections of their quintessential pieces.  We commission every item with the idea of creating a perfectly edited wardrobe, you what you need, and exactly what you want.  We admire quality, workmanship, new world global influences and old world attention to detail.  And just like a limited edition work of art, each item is hand-numbered and made exclusively for Edition01.  We're putting luxury back on its pedestal, but just high enough so you can reach it.

i'm kinda' excited for Tracy Anderson to arrive today with her figure-flatter leggings for the gym!

Join now - this might end up being your newest addiction 

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  1. Oh man, you are speaking right to my shopping heart!

  2. let me know how the leggings turn out! i love when things are exclusive looks great :)

    fashion provocateur

  3. Love her videos! Can't wait to check out her new leggings!



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