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buyer beware: Alexander Wang Small Golf Bag
in my opinion of course 

remember when i talked about wanting to get a new summer bag and i had the Alexander Wang golf bag in mind? - well i bought it - bad news - i was rooting for this bad boy like you wouldn't believe - i searched picture after picture and contacted blogger after blogger to get 411's on this bag - unfortunately for me i really didn't get much info other then 'it's a really cool bag' and 'it's not me in the picture'

here's the scoop - and it pains me to say all of this - but once again AW made a super heavy bag *surprise surprise* - i wanted a "light, fling over my shoulder, on the go" bag for the summer - and well this bag is big, awkward, and really structured - all the things i was not looking for in a bag! 

this bag was heavy out of the box - so i can only imagine what it would be like once i added all my 'stuff' in the bag - i would say its weight won't be an issue if you don't go long distances with it - but if you plan on using this bag for long periods of time i can only imagine how much your back will hurt 

see how the model has it across her back - looks great on the runway - but in reality it almost chokes you - and if your wearing a strapless dress i think the bag would end up pulling your dress down - big thumbs down - so i tried other ways of "wearing" the bag and it just wasn't floating my boat :o( 

also you see how the bag is clinched together at the top - it has to stay that way - you have to use the bag by going through the zipper down the middle - b/c the top is clinched by a metal piece that you have to zigzag through the bag - so if you tried to enter your bag through the top it would take you about 5 mins to close the bag - not practical but not a deal breaker either just a FYI 

in my opinion the 2 above pictures show how the bag works in "real life" - the cross body version just doesn't lay on the body right - and even the 2nd picture with the white bag, lays a bit awkward - so what i'm really saying is: how you see the girl wearing the black bag on her shoulder, that is your best bet in wearing this bag

and the pictures don't really show the size that well - and i'm not the kinda' girl that ever will complain that a bag it too big - but for some reason this bag doesn't look that big in pictures but when i 'tried it on' at home i thought it looked too big and bulky *gasp* - which i think had to do with the structure of the bag - if it was made of the buttery soft leather i think it would lay much better - oh in addition the leather/rubber on the bottom of the bag also gives it a ton of structure too - so i don't think even after a bunch of uses the softening of the leather will make a difference 

i'm really bummed about this bag - i love Alexander Wang and his designs and i was sure i would of been in love when this bag arrived at my doorstep - even though all my other Alexander Wang bags have ripped -  i still gave him another shot with this one - but unfortunately i have different criteria with what i was looking for in a bag for the summer - hope this helps if anyone is checking this small golf bag out - and hopefully someone will love it enough to rock it out! 

even though it didn't work for me - i just wanted to get it out there what i 'thought' about the bag - i still think it has a really cool edgy look to it - but for me it wasn't a winner - if you own it and love it CONGRATS - for me the bag hunt continues .. 

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  1. Bummer... and I love you for the honest review - thank you! Sometimes you run yourself ragged trying to find something (recently for me, a bag!) that you fell in love with online only to be not so pleased with the item in reality.

  2. What a wonderful review and I appreciate your honesty. It's tough when something we order doesn't meet our expectations.

  3. nice post!

  4. Your blog is amazing! So inspiring.
    I hope you visit me and we can follow each other if you like. I'd be so glad.

  5. Aw that sucks! Paying so much for a bag and not liking it is not cool! :(

  6. I haaate heavy bags - but a good, light, AND cute bag is so hard to find!

  7. what a bummer!! are you able to return it?


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