Juju Hats

i talk about them all the time - so might as well dedicate a post to my beloved

(this last pic is exactly what i want in my living room - but 2 clusters of these, with the 3 different sizes, 1 cluster for each wall - donations to my living room juju fund, anyone?! worth a try)

Juju hats - actually called 'tyns' - are headdresses worn for celebrations in the Cameroon volcanic forest in Africa - head dancers, chiefs, and dignitaries alike would wear these colorful hats as a sign of high importance - the feathers are utilized as rare objects of beauty, as a symbol of prosperity and for the wealth of positive qualities associated with birds

these juju hats have been the 'it' feature to adorn walls for the past 2 years at least - they retail for $250-$650 USD depending on size - so they are an investment to say the least - but a darn good one if you ask me - if anyone wants to know what to buy me for a 'gift' - 1 of these bad boys would really make my day - all i need is about 18-20 'gifts' and i can have my living room master piece finished *sigh*

can buy here and here and here and for best selection here and here


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  1. They're awesome! I wouldn't mind receiving one of two or three for that matter as a gift ;) Happy Monday, sweets! xoxo

  2. Wow I never knew how elegant these could look! Love the third and last picture. xo

  3. Very interesting info. and beautiful decor, darling!


  4. Wow! They really pump up a room, don't they? What a great piece to add to any home.

  5. love, Love, LOVE the decor in the third and last pictures!

  6. Loving the cluster too. Very cool vibe.

  7. These are so fun! What a great idea and fun focal point for a room.

    Enjoy your Monday!


  8. Wow theses look so great decorating the wall!


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