i'm not rushing fall to come - but waking up today with cool crisp air got me thinking about some leather, leopard, and black

Leopard and Black


BPC Update:
so i'm officially 1 week done - i have 11 days to go including today - so far so good, i must say - the first few days i was hungry to say the least (i didn't exactly start the cleanse the correct way, i sorta' went balls to the wall with food and cocktails - so my first day was ROUGH) - but now i'm content with just my drinks and maybe a little slice of cucumber/avocado here and there - don't get me wrong, whenever i hear, see, and/or smell food i want it badly, my mouth salivates for a lobster roll, sushi, Thai at my favorite spot, a sip of a cocktail, sweet potato fries, deviled eggs, prosciutto, pizza from Staten Island, crunchy Italian bread, homemade sauce, poppers which i have a ton of jalapeno peppers picked from my garden right now, Chipolte (i think you get the hint here, i can go on for DAYS on end over all the food i want in on again) - i almost don't know what i'm going to do after i break the cleanse (takes 3-4 days after i'm done with the 18 juicing days) b/c all i think about is FOOD and how much more i'm going to enjoy it now! - it's also really surprising how everything is still 'working' (yes, i'm going there), everything is moving and grooving like normal - but with 11 juice days to go, hopefully i can get my mind on the right track and stick to just putting what i 'need' in my body instead of what i 'want' (hey i did it with shopping, and if i could break my shopping habits, food has to be a snap) - oh and for a bonus - 5lbs are gone (don't fret, i know most of the lbs will come back soon as i eat a 'meal' - but still nice to see the scale go down - now i gotta get back to a solid 1 hour workout every day, then i'll be golden)

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  1. I'm all about leopard, leather and black. Got the leopard and black today in fact. I'll save the leather for cooler temps :)

    And glad to hear the cleanse is going well. You go girl! Seriously I can't wait to hear if you like doing it for so long. I told you I'm totally cleansing in Sept {to fit into the leather ;)} but I don't know if I can go quite that long. A week is one thing!


  2. Amazing picks!
    Love that leopard blazer!


  3. hey there! I found your blog via The Now! Love your blog and I'm your newest follower! Holla if you love colorful decor over on Vivid Hue home! xoxo

  4. This cool air has been SO refreshing, right!? I love that leopard is still in in a major way for fall - great pieces you have rounded up!

  5. Glad you are having success with the cleanse! It's amazing how you loose cravings for things when you stop eating them for a week or so.

    Love all the leopard! I have some cute little flats.. and need something else. We generally wear lots of gray and black here in the PNW.


  6. Hello beautiful Erika! So 18 days, huh? Wow, that's great! My daughter does juicing quite often and it's amazing how through that she's changed her eating habits...where she's mostly vegan now (learned to adore veggies!).
    Let us know how your are doing. I admire you for doing this! Way to go.
    For the fall? I'd love a new mustard sweater and a great pair of suede shoes...though I think I probably have enough... :-)
    Kiss, kiss to you, love.

  7. That long coat is calling my name. It would be perfect for autumn:) Muah, sweetie

  8. I am so proud of you for sticking with your plan; it is very challenging! You will be a superwoman!

    I am in love with long cozy sweaters. I do want one this fall that is very warm and closes down the front. Most of mine are loose and flowing.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series featuring Harrison Howard

  9. that long skirt is amazing! I must have it! great finds.


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