Plush Pumpkins - Hurricane Sandy

after talking to Plush Pumpkins - i would like to ask my Tiptoe Butterfly readers - if you would mind if i gave this adorable set of plush pumpkins to a survivor of Hurricane Sandy? - I thought this might be a gesture of kindness and possibly bring a warm smile to someone who has lost everything - these plush pumpkins can possibly give them that sense of home for this upcoming Thanksgiving - even if they are in a shelter, something as little as a gift like this, might go a long way for someones spirit to keep on going

Tiptoe Butterfly followers - would you mind if i do not give these plush pumpkins to a blogger but to a survivor of Hurricane Sandy

if you would like to help NJ - Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund - or you can always donate to American Red Cross: Hurricane Sandy - any little bit counts - and if anyone wants to send me clothing blankets/pillows/canned goods directly i will give you my address and i will donate these items personally to those in need - we need all the help we can get!

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  1. Brilliant idea! Today at Walgreen's when you check out, you can easily add a few dollars to go to the Red Cross.

  2. Those are so lovely - such a great idea!


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