Warning - isaay.com

WARNING - do NOT buy from isaay.com - in the wake of everything going on - this is the least of my problems - but just warning all my blogging/shopping friends - and to spread the word - SCAM - they do not hold up their end of an agreement - do not follow their own policies stated on their website - have my merchandise and my money - be AWARE - they do NOT care about the customer - and they do not back up what their website claims to be their policies - BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK! - i would recommend NOT buying if you EVER think about returning! - really disgusting how a site like this can be running and bloggers promoting it - lesson learned - they lost my business FOR GOOD!

i used a coupon code - and to them, that is considered 'clearance' - this is stated NO WHERE on their site - was not located on any of my invoices that my items were considered 'final sale' or 'clearance' - just simply used a coupon code and returned item in 1 day - they will not return my item or refund my total cost 

i KNOW - like i really needed 'people like this' to deal with at times like these - unreal!

spread the word so no one else gets scammed!
Have you ever been so disappointed in a company that you felt the need to blog/BBB it?

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  1. Girlfriend, no worries....they are on twitter. Your link is not correct, drop an s and add an a. Start tweeting using there @ sign so they will see it. Post on their FB page, keep going, they will notice....trust me. Add the link to this post.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, darling!


  3. Yikes - thanks for letting us know. I won't be buying from them!

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  4. Thank you so much for the info Erika. No one needs to deal with a company that is not consumer caring!

    A Giveaway from Scalamandre

  5. Sorry to hear about your bad buying experience.

    Not sure if you've explored other options albeit not sure how long since your order.

    But I would recommend submitting a claim to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in their area so that you document your experiences.

    Also you can explore a charge-back request with your credit card issuer since what you've experienced is close to being a "bait and switch" scam (where they changed their return policy without explicitly stating it).

    Just provide a clear objective account of what happened from beginning to end. And things should be taken care of the right way.


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