i'm a sucker for quality leather handbags - i was once a shoe girl, nothing compared to getting my feet into a new pair of heels/boots - but awhile ago something took over and i just fell head over heels for bags - the beau makes fun of me how i have to "try on" a bag (um hello, we all do right?) - it's a crucial procedure to the process!

i recently got the Givenchy Large Pandora Messenger for Valentines Day - and yeah i'm kinda' stoked about finally using this bad boy 1st day of Spring! 

BAG-A-HOLIC like i am?
or something else?

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  1. I love shoes & bags but bags are becoming my fave. I can't even believe I'm saying this but my obsession lately is WORK OUT CLOTHES & TENNIS SHOES!!! 2 years ago I would've never worn a pair of tennis shoes unless I was working out which I never was!

  2. i love bags but i dont just go for anything and everything - i have a healthy collection but realise i dont use as many as i only have two now i limit my purchases!


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