Bathroom Mirrors

we all have a mirror in our bathroom - but what does your mirror say about you? - do you just go functional? - are you more of a decorative type? - do you have the magnifying mirror for when you apply makeup hardwired? - you can buy bathroom cabinets with mirrors from Illuminated Mirrors for example - or you can create your own design - i feel bathrooms say a lot about a person (am i the only one?)

*a Venetian mirror was my first choice when i remodeled my bathroom - but then i switched*

*huge fan of carrara marble and seamless glass doors*

*star effect lights - now that's personality - and in fact i have a similar star effect in my toilet out-cove*

*of course for Valentine's - a pink illuminated tub - just missing some rose peddles* 

btw Illuminated Mirrors has some really creative ways to use light and mirrors - give em' a click and check them out :o)


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  1. The mirror in my master bath is totally about function & me being too lazy to do anything about it. That & I don't want to spend a small fortune to replace it. Maybe one day. The rest of the bathroom is decorated though!

  2. the venetian mirror is beautiful but then you miss out on storage behind so i am torn about that as well...
    but yes marble is amazing - never goes out of fashion and you dont really need to decorate again for ages except perhaps grout...
    those color bathtubs are meant to be good for you by the way - spas in austria use it!

    ps following you on GFC - still new to all this so i have this habit of bookmarking instead and realise I should follow those i intend to go back tobc then i get updated. then i got bloglovin as well so will follow you there anyway even though i dont see you have the button x


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