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you may have read here and there on this blog that i'm getting some remodeling done on my house now - i already completely gutted and remodeled the 1st floor on my house - now i'm working on the outside (2nd floor and basement are on the to-do list) - and i can not wait for blue skies, sunshine, flowers, and backyard BBQ's this summer! - 1 problem; i have no outdoor furniture! - i found wooden garden furniture @ www.shackletonlifestyle.co.uk for some inspiration ..


i think you might see i'm found of the 'lounge' type garden furniture - but i'm still keeping my options open


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  1. Fun!!! I've never thought of it being furnished but I guess it is. Rockers on the front porch, a "dining" set on the patio, another table & chairs, a glider & some chaise lounges!

  2. I have always loved outside furniture!! Best wishes with your decisions!! =)

    Hey Erika! I'm throwing a lil reader appreciation giveaway over at my blog today! If you have a minute check it out!

    Have a great weekend!!

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