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I Confess ...  I am skeeved out by feet - and i may offend some people (sorry, but i'm keeping it real) - if you have jacked up feet (ex: bunions, hammer toe, calluses, long toe nails) please oh please keep them covered up - open toe shoes and flip flops and sandals are not for everyone - keep your bunions to yourself and for my visual safety - i've lost my lunch plenty of times due to this - i am literally that grossed out over it

Just Because  ...  On a business trip to Buffalo NY my plane got delayed to the point there wouldn't be no more planes for 3 days - so i rented a car with a stranger and drove the bazillion hours back to NJ - i don't find this cray cray - i guess i feel there is more good in this world then evil - and i rolled the dice and took my chances - and btw i got some hardcore business/life advice from this guy - so it was totally win-win - and man did i NEED to get out of Buffalo or i was going to lose my marbles!

I Confess  ...  I have 3 college degree's - i don't use any of them - and i actually wanna get another one or go for my masters then PhD; but i would love to go to school for design or to be some type of biologist - i think i always knew i wanted to be a biologist (doctor, marine biology) but i thought i would be a 'dork' and at 18 when i was heading off to college i was too insecure to do what my passion was

Just Because  ...  Daylight savings STILL has me screwed up - anyone else? - i'm usually am up by 6 am, i'm lucky to get out of bed by 7 am - i'm a more of a morning person lately - which is weird b/c i was always a night person

I Confess  ...  i'm starting slowly to write on my other blog Tiptoe With Curiosity - i started that blog for a place i can journal and get things out of my head/body/spirit and put them into the Universe - it was a release for me - i stopped b/c i didn't want people knowing so much 'about' me or my inner thoughts - but then i realized i don't care - it's for me and always will be for me - but i'm still scared for the Universe and everyone to read all my 'personal' thoughts/ideas - what I say 1 day may not apply to the follow, that's just how it is with me - i may pull it from public view and make it private

Just Because  ...  I have always wanted to have a sister - my brother and i are 6.5 years apart - my Mom lost a baby in between us - anyway i have always admired my friends who have sisters - and man when i was a kid did i beg and plead for a sister (adopted one - i'm really big into adoption, even when i was 5 years old)


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  1. You are not alone on the feet thing - I'm not even joking when I say that I have a foot phobia. They totally creep me out - oddly enough, I love shoes. Irony. :/

  2. I don't like feet either, I have 2 degrees which I don't really use, I am TOTALLY still messed up about the time change, and yeesh that must have been one hell of a long trip from Buffalo!!!

    I confess that I'm blogging at my job. I don't have enough incentive anymore to do my work in a fast time frame. Oh well!

  3. I agree...sandals are not for everyone! so fun to learn more about you. I love to study as well...I would be the eternal student!

  4. I wish I had a sister too. I have a brother who is 16 months older than me. We get along now but we didn't growing up!

  5. Love this post!
    Totally with you on the feet and the ridic # of unused degrees! I could wallpaper my house with them!


  6. Oh how nice to learn all these info about you!! xo Caroline

  7. I stayed in a hotel room with some random lady once when my flight was cancelled and I had no money to get a room. She overheard me crying (I was 19) and offered to let me stay with her. She had graduated from my college and was SO nice, she even let me have her earlier flight the next day. Sometimes there are actually nice people out there in the world!

  8. I always wanted a sister too. My brother is 3.5 years younger but ALL of my friends have sisters that they're so close to. I get the feet thing. My biggest issues is long toe nails that AREN'T polished. blech!

  9. You just made me ten times more grateful for my sister. And hooray for writing on that blog. HOORAY!!!!!!

  10. You just made me ten times more grateful for my sister. And hooray for writing on that blog. HOORAY!!!!!!


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