Happy Birthday Beau

to my love - the guy i call 'my Beau' on here - aka Capooch to his friends, Giuseppe to his Mom, Uncle to his nephews/nieces, and Joe to his sisters/brothers - I've spent the last 8.5 years with you and they have been one helluva time - i can't wait for the next 8.5 years and beyond - the last few years had been really tough on us with regards to our families health, saying good-bye to your Dad, the hurricane, my own health, etc - i can not imagine anything else could ever test our relationship like the last 2-3 years; we've been to hell and back and to the moon and back - we are stronger then ever and better people from all of it - i love you and i would never of wanted to take this journey with anyone else other then you by my side - you have been my rock to this day - when the tears start rolling down my face you know just what to do/say (ok lets be honest ... or buy) to make me smile - you 'get me' and let me be 'me' 100% of the time - you are my 'knight in shining armor' - it's a milestone birthday today for you and hopefully this will be a milestone year for 'us' as well - i can not wait for what the future has in store for us - we have karma and the Universe on our side - i can't wait to conquer the world with you this year!


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  1. So sweet! Wishing him all the fun and best wishes on his birthday...

  2. Awww...I love this post, Erika. Happy Birthday to The Boy in your life! :)

  3. Such a sweet bday tribute!


  4. Awww what an amazingly awesome loving post! Happy Birthday to your beau!!! =) I hope you two have a kickass day to celebrate!! Be careful with the snow/rain too!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  5. Aww, too cute! Happy Birthday to your love.

  6. Happy, Happy!! This is a big one! I hope you have some big plans :) Have a wonderful day!

  7. What a great birthday car! I hope the birthday celebrations for your Beau went wonderfully!

  8. Great pictures.
    I like your Blog. We can following each other. what do you think? <3

    I follow you!

    wish you have a nice day & time looking at my blog, it is also about you <3


  9. Great blog
    Following you now from South Africa, hope you will follow back


  10. happy birthday to your guy :) My guy's bday is tomorrow, he's the big 3-0! Any cute ideas for a cake?


  11. This is such a sweet post! Happy birthday Joe!!


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