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I've had a love affair with exposed beams, carerra marble, chandeliers, farm/bench tables, unique decor, and the color white for as long one can think back - (ok and my 'love affair' is not just limited to those things, i'm a lover not a fighter what can i say) - and you guessed it - they are all featured above - the last picture is *beyond* words!

Have a Favorite?

Ps - i moved my Google reader to Bloglovin - so no worries - i won't miss out on any of your blogs - i'm still looking for a better 'reader' tho - not sure if i dig Bloglovin

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  1. the last photo is so good!! what an amazing mix. Beautiful spaces.

  2. Gorgeous spaces!
    Love that last chandelier!


  3. Love chandeliers and wish our place here had higher ceilings for them!
    Yeah I use Bloglovin' but am hoping the old reader or feedly works out. I really like the easy interface of Google reader.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I do love the exposed beams and I've always wanted a bench table for like the kitchen or a more family table! That lighting fixture in the 2nd picture is pretty awesome!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  5. I love exposed beams too! I wish I could use white wisely in my home but I have sort of a Europe meets South America meets garage sale finds type of style. Yeah, white doesn't go with that. I love the touch of rustic mixed with modern in the last image! So gorgeous. Love your style, girl! Happy Monday to you.

  6. I love these spaces!! I'd love a spacious place like this! xoxo

  7. wow these photos are amazing, lovely post!

    newest follower on GFC, hope you can follow me as well :)

  8. The second is for sure my favorite!!! I love crisp, clean looks! What a dream! Found ya on the link-up. Hope you had a good monday. New follower :-)

  9. All so beautiful, but I love the second image...great table and chairs!!

  10. I love that second kitchen. The perfect touch of modern and rustic for sure. :)

  11. Nice spaces!

  12. these are so gorgeous!

  13. I am totally swooning over that second table. So beautiful. Muah


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