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i read A. Liz Adventures on a regular and she has been doing this "I Confess" series - which turns out to be one of those 'link parties' - i admit i have NO IDEA what a 'link party' is or how they work or what they do -  but i do like the 'I Confess series' - so i'm joining in ... i guess?

I Confess --- I am BRCA positive, which means i carry the genetic gene for breast and ovarian cancer - which eventually i will need to get a double mastectomy and my ovaries removed to prevent myself from ever getting cancer (in at least those areas) - but i have held off b/c i have not had children yet and i plan on breast feeding - and yes at times i do get in the dumps over it - especially every 6 months when i have to get all my tests done which they always find 'something' which makes me pretty much have a mini-nervous breakdown till the results come back - *knock on wood* everything has been benign :o) 

I Confess --- I have a poor self body image - it doesn't mean i'm not self confident it just means i never think my body is ever up to par - i pretty much think i can always be skinnier and firmer - if i'm not about 100-105 lbs i'm miserable with my weight and yes i will cry my eyes out over it - as i'm getting older i'm realizing that it's not about a number and about being healthy and bliss filled - but don't get me wrong, i'm still all about being thin, i'll never accept having extra pounds on me - also i am more comfortable in a bikini than a 1 piece at whatever weight i'm at, it's really strange :o/

I Confess --- I haven't been to a mall in YEARS (this is coming from a girl that has a mall 15 mins in every direction - NJ is the mall capital) but i on-line shop hardcore - I without exaggeration have over 200+ pairs of designer jeans (last count was a few years ago) - but i also got 99% of them on sale, so that's gotta count for something?! - my closets are jam packed (slight understatement) with clothes that still have the tags on them and shoes still in their original box with the paper stuff still in them - i also have an addiction to designer handbags and will only use my 'new' bag for 1-2 seasons then it will sit in its dust-bag for years - oh yea and the sunglasses, there's a slight hoarding situation there too, way too many pairs for this 1 face i have (hey admitting i have a problem is the first step, no?)

I Confess --- I have not a clue how to 'work' twitter - i have an account - i ask people (bloggers) to join it - but i have yet to figure out how you communicate on it! - i hear it's a great way to make connections, but this Jersey girl just doesn't get the in's and out's of it all - re-tweeting and all the hash-tags and tinyurl's - it's just too much - plus none of my friends use twitter as a way of communicating, we're Facebook people - YES i would like twitter lessons though! - anyone interested? 


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  1. thanks for the whole 30 encouragement!! my friend just lent me the book which i'll read on vacay...so interested.
    and i'm like that with my weight too, if i'm not in a certain range i get really irritated....but yah, i know when i 'feel healthy' vs. skinny which is way better :)

  2. Thanks for your honesty and candor, darling!
    I have poor self body image too, no matter how amazing I look :(


  3. twitter is fun and easy! i LOATHE facebook -- twitter is more my speed. just do a little at a time and you'll pick it up.

    BRCA positive. OY. my mom had breast cancer and my oldest sister had ovarian cancer. i feel like the hammer will fall any day. i have had SO MANY FREAKING MAMMOGRAMS. i hate them so much. so stressful. SO PAINFUL. the only good thing about them is when you get the "all clear" letter. so girl, i hear you. i think you are probably way younger than me (i'm 42) and these things don't get any less scary. i am sorry to tell you that. i guess if we removed the goods we would be safer, but just not ready for that kind of move yet. fingers crossed that we will both be fine.

    p.s. sometimes i chant I WILL NEVER GET CANCER. that probably sounds psycho, but i don't think it can hurt.

  4. I'm not big on facebook - but I do like twitter. I'm still learning, but I think the best thing is just to dive in and start using it.

    I'm a petite girl myself and I never think my tummy is flat enough. But eh. I work out 5 times a week, i eat healthy food. What can ya do, you know?

  5. I really like this post :)
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    Maybe we can follow :)

  6. This was interesting to read : ). I can't believe you haven't been to a mall in years! lol

  7. I'm sure if I'm RTing correctly on Twitter. Or what MT means. Or how to retweet with a quote.

  8. If you ever decide to clean out your closet let me know. I'll come shopping :) And I am absolutely twitter illiterate too...

  9. I'm not super active with social media, but am trying a bit more. It is nice to reply or retweet other people's tweets and of course it's about fun hashtags.
    Hugs to you and hoping things stay benign!
    I bet you could sell a lot of your jeans!
    I'm stabilizing, but itching for a new bag. I also hyper focus on on bag but need to switch it up.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. I'm from Jersey and also have not been to a mall in forever... and I also have a gazillion malls 15 mins in all directions. LMAO!!

  11. Wow how did you know you had the BRCA gene?!

    I love onling shopping, but I always fear things won't fit, so they sit in the carts online and never get bought.

    Thanks for linking up!

  12. I am so jealous of your designer jeans collection ... wowweeeeee!

    Isn't this a fun series? I just love it :) Your answers are so fun, please do more of these!


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