Whole30 Part 2

not sure if i told you, but i completed the Whole30 challenge at the beginning of this month - the first time i attempted the challenge it was an epic fail - this time 100% success (lost about 15 lbs) - TBT i've always had fluctuating weight and have always been self-conscious of my body - on the same hand i've never tipped the scale like i did - this is a whole new ballgame all due to medication (man how i wish i never seen that 1 quack of a doctor - but things can be worse - yeah i'm a bit chubby now but i'm also the healthiest i've ever been)

the Whole30 takes 100% commitment - it's your pregnant or your not type of thing - there's a lot of preparation (prepping foods for meals/snacks; trips for fresh veggies; eating organic and raw; reading all labels; making your own condiments; etc - Tarder Joe's, Whole Foods, and your local veggie/seafood market will be your go-to destinations) - but honestly it's not hard, i was overwhelmed at first, but i received some really good advice which was: 'don't over think it' - BEST advice ever - DON'T OVER THINK IT

here's what my typical shopping cart would look like:

*i forgot to add fresh garlic and sweet potatoes*

food shopping no longer was an adventure - i became a pro in no time - grabbing what i needed instead of impulse buys - i also cancelled my gym membership and turned my dungeon of a basement into a mini-gym - 5-6 times a week i would be down there for 40-60 mins working out - i didn't miss or crave any foods - hot sauce become my best friend - i experimented with a lot of different spices to change things up - i also grilled and roasted almost everything - i kept it easy and basic, i didn't attempt any "fancy" dishes nor did i break out the food processor - also by dinner i was hardly hungry so i usually made a green juice ...

(i'm back doing another 30+ days)

if you have any questions - shoot them over - i'm pretty confident i know what i'm doing *wink*

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  1. I've never done the Whole30, but I love how natural it all seems. The vegetables and the fruit look scrummy!

    Congrats on losing 15 pounds lady - that's incredible! :)

  2. Congrats never even heard of it might check it out cuz I eat so much hot sauce anyway...

  3. I've never done the Whole30 challenge but I need too. I eat WAY too much diary and recently found out I'm becoming increasily more lactose intolerant which is forcing me to eat more whole foods. I recently tried to only eat products without xide in them or an ingredient with a number in it, aka red 40. It's a struggle, but your so right...Don't overthink it. I HAVE to remember that!!!

    Ergo - Blog

  4. Inspiring post, darling!
    I need to try this challenge!


  5. I've never tried it, but I definitely should after indulging in some Doughnut Plant doughnuts this past weekend!

  6. I have seen the whole30 I think it is a great plan I thought about doing it but I am doing the McCombs plan instead it is also a detox. No pork or oranges or nuts though and no sugar or sugar substitutes such as honey or agave ~I thought the first day with no sugar I was going to die hehehe.... But I love not having any sugar in my system that alone helps to drop those unwanted pounds!! I have Celiac so I am always gluten free but I find I go in spurts and get myself into to trouble with processed gluten free food. Good luck I hope you reach your goals, with a healthy diet like that I am sure your on your way :) Love Heather

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  8. Erika, you darling, beautiful girl, you! I was SOOO glad to see your comment on my blog. Thanks for coming to visit me!
    I am so glad to see that you are doing that Whole30 deal. That is just the way I've been eating for the past 3 years (I only buy stuff at Whole Foods - but I am too fanatic at times). Whole (completely organic) foods and the real stuff it what makes a big difference for me. No potatoes, no starchy stuff, either. I've never been healthier or happier. I do think that what we eat affects our brain chemistry. And yeah, I'm a coffee girl too...too much of it, it's the problem (and can't seem to drink it without sugar in it...hence my attempt to switch slowly to herbal teas - no sugar needed :)
    Happy to learn you are happy, love.

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  9. That is so amazing. MY friend did a quick cleanse like that. I might have to try it. I'm always trying to eat better.

  10. my friend and i are starting this in a couple weeks! i'm terrified...but excited :)

  11. oh wao!! So excting!! I will look into as I am always looking to lose a few pounds....its those last 5 that are impossible....I am curious about this since I had not heard of it before! Thanks!

  12. How awesome, Erika! Congrats on sticking with it!

    I haven't tried the challenge, but I've eased myself into eating a lot healthier and less frequently. I bet you must feel amazing!!

  13. Great post.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Parisian Style'.



  14. That is amazing! I haven't been full on doing it, but have drawn inspiration from it for clean eating and have lost 8 pounds! :)

  15. Oh man, I don't think I could do this. I am looking forward to hearing how it works for you. I am gluten free, and that's enough for me. I am curious why you are page-breaking? Why are people doing this? I usually don't click to the second part. I wonder how many other's don't?

  16. You rock and good job on the weight loss! The main thing is making a lifestyle change and you definitely seem to have done that.
    I changed our diet last year to minimize carbs and it has definitely worked for both our physiques and health (the husband's cholesterol and blood pressure are normal now!)

    I definitely agree about lots of fresh produce and we have red peppers and carrots a lot. I'm also trying to do a vegetarian meal a day. If I was back in NYC, we should totally do a fun cooking night! There are lots of yummy grilled dishes!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. ooooh good for you! so inspiring! xoxo

  18. Erika,

    I am so proud of YOU!! Hang in there and just like you said.. don't over think it. The more emphasis you put on food the worse things get.


  19. No.. I haven't done whole30 neither heard abt it until now! I eat whatever I like, in small proportions.. I don't eat junk food, coffee or aerated drinks n rest, everything :D

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) thanks fr following me.. m following u too now

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  20. I feel healthier just reading this post haha!

  21. I hate food shopping! but this made me want to go buy all healthy goodies!

  22. My first attempt turned out to be an epic fail. I'm a picky eater who doesn't like a lot of foods so it was hard for me. Definitely willing to give it another try though! Thanks for sharing your insight! Found you via Pinterest.


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