yesterday in conversation with another blogger came up:
 'why don't i post pictures of my house on my blog?'

so here's the deal:

i was still living at home with my parents - and maybe a year before i moved out, my parents house was robbed - i'm talking ransacked robbed and stole everything valuable and memorable - (since my birthstone is emerald and so is my Mom's we both had a pretty hefty collection of emeralds and diamonds - all cherished gifts that marked a memorable time in our lives) - it took me a long time to actually feel safe again in my house, never mind washing anything and everything, we're all just thankfully he didn't take Kayleigh (she's a teacup Maltese - crazy enough he was 'nice' enough to lock her in my tv room with the A/C on .. it was a HOT summers day .. i guess he was an animal lover) - and to this day i fear getting robbed (hello alarm system) - even though my 'collection' of valuable jewels are all gone (the Beaus helping me work on that) - i'm still scared it can happen again - in addition my Mom didn't know we needed to get ALL of our jewelry insured or it wouldn't be covered (so yup, it's all gone and not a penny for it, it's probably being shot up someone's arm right now *boiling mad still over it*) - anyway you can get personal jewelry insurance from and make sure that if a scum bag steals your treasures you can at least get money for it, the memories will be lost and you won't be able to hand down your jewels to the next generation but at least you won't be stuck like we were - NOTHING but tears and fear!

so that's why i don't post pics of my house - you might see bits on instagram or such - but not a full tour


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  1. So sorry to heart that! I can totally see how you feel. xo Caroline

  2. OMG I am so sorry, darling! Thanks for your honesty and candor :)


  3. It's just awful & I would still be furious too! Totally understand why you don't want pics on the blog.

  4. That's a horrible story! But I'm so glad the robber had a conscious and was nice to your dog at least.

  5. the bastards! so sorry to hear that...just be positive and think that you are safe and healthy bc if you were in the house things could have gone wrong so just take the bright side...xx

  6. Gah! That's a scary story! I have always worried about being robbed - thankfully, it has never happened. :)

  7. that is a gorgeous ring! I am so sorry that you were robbed...seriously don't they understand they understand they are ruining someone's life!

  8. Wow! How frustrating?!?!?! It's so unfortunate that people can't just work for what they want and leave behind what isn't theres. Geez! Good news is your hubs is helping fix the problem :-)

  9. I totally get it. What a horrible experience :(


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