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i can not wait for the sun to be shining - down the shore - breaking out my longboard - and soaking up some killer sun rays - you may not know about me, but i actually skate - i have a killer longboard that i gotta be honest i haven't used in 2 years - dc shoes & trainers (click here) are a great shoe for riding btw - don't get me wrong the first time out on it i'll be a little wobbly - but it's like riding a bike - after a bit it all comes back to ya! - i wanna take the next step and start to really surf this summer - let's hope it comes naturally!


PSSS - Early Access: Private Warehouse Event: Select Styles up to 70% Off!

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  1. When I was younger I was the ultimate tomboy and skateboarded EVERYWHERE. That said, I have never tried longboarding. :/

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I'm not coordinated but I would maybe try it some time!

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