Fixer Upper

Have you ever bought a 'fixer-upper'?
 (if you have then I'm sure you can relate to what i am about to say)

I can confidently say that would describe my first home - a 100% total fixer upper - there was nothing that could be salvaged - it all had to be gutted and everything replaced - 7 years later I'm still 'fixing' - the very first thing i got replaced were the windows, it had the original 1950 windows - life changer people, I'm telling you - my house stays warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer and soundproof, oh how nice it is not to hear the neighbors mowing the lawn on a Sunday morning! *priceless*

Truth be told (aka that's what i use for #tbt, not 'Throw back Thursday') - I still struggle with my house, being a good or bad decision - it was sort of an impulse thing, not exactly the way it should be done - without a doubt with all the money that has gone into the house i could of got something 'newer and bigger' but at the same time i was able to 'redesign' my house the way i wanted it - don't get me wrong, it's far from my dream home or my forever after home - but it's my 'dollhouse' right now to 'play' - i may have been young and stupid with some of my decisions on the redesign of my home - but thankfully the new windows were not *phew*

oh and a lesson i learned too is if you can find a 1 stop shop - go with it! - you build a relationship and it saves you so much anxiety and gives you a peace of mind that everything will be handled with just 1 phone call

I'd def do it all over again
well, as long as i was in my dream neighborhood with my dream size lot of land :o)
it's a lot of work but really rewarding

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  1. I think I saw too many TLC or HGTV shows where the husband or fiancee wants to "fix up" the house but then they wind up having to call in the experts because something went wrong to be attracted to this idea! But I've seen some beautiful fixer uppers in Bergen County that are shocking!! =)

  2. Nope, and I'm not sure I would...I'm not very handy. :(

  3. Hi Erika,

    I think it's great that you saw the potential in your home and continue work on it .. a labor of love. We've done LOTS of upgrades and are definitely a couple that believe we can do it ourselves. It's SO much work but it's very rewarding. I've made lots of mistakes but I feel bonded to my home and wouldn't change anything.

  4. only buy fixer uppers! it is a shame to buy a new house that has been refurbed not to your taste so you have to pull out perfectly usable things just bc you dont like it...

  5. When we bought our house it was only 2 years old. Not a lot of fixing up to do but there was some cosmetic work we did since a bachelor built it. Of course when I complain about how a light switch is in a weird place Dean's favorite response is "what do you expect? A Tulane grad built it."

  6. Well... I'm currently still in the process of moving into an apartment that unexpectedly turned out to be a fixer-upper. The wait kinda sucks, but it'll be so much prettier once it's all done:)


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